Color Me Tired

HH decided he would spend his days off painting at the new house. I told him we could probably get someone to do it for a reasonable amount, but you know Frugal MacDougal was not interested in that at all.

Hence, the mad dash to pick paint colors. What should have been fun has turned into a colossal pain. I don’t even know if I’m fully happy with the colors, but he wanted to paint, so I had to pick.

Then he kept changing plays on me like a football coach with Tourette’s. Look dude, if you tell me to pick the room decor and how we’re setting up each room, don’t come behind me like little Phil from Gloria talmbout, “I’m the man!” and changing ish.

Like how he changed from Behr to Glidden, after I had already picked colors. Or how he thought he wasn’t going to paint our bathroom to match our bedroom. Or how he told me to pick the comforter for the new king sized bed, only to complain about the color.

You see where this is going? This, on top of the crap going on at work with our transition to another new computer system.

Full on “do it ya #%^*{! self” rant, complete with hormonal break down.

Ahem. We seem to be on one accord now, though. Our bedroom and bathroom are painted, and he’s about to finish painting Baby H’s room. I’m sticking around to see if my last minute color choice (thanks to his paint switch) comes out like I planned.

Then I’m going back to the rental. This weekend I would like to pack up the majority of the dishes.

And not have any more hormonal outbursts.

I can’t make any promises on either. LOL


No More Room

Hey peeps! Sorry I haven’t been blogging much. I definitely do not have room for much more right now.

  1. CH arrived safe and sound last night around 10:00pm. Let the step-parenting begin! As you know, I have no children of my own…nieces and nephews are only partial preparation. LOL! Instead of focusing on the changes to my lifestyle and schedule, I am framing it as the chance to have a positive affect on a young adult’s life. We shall see how this pans out over the next 3 years.
  2. Ortho surgeon consult pending. My MRI showed a focal defect in the cartilage of my knee. Apparently some folks can function smoothly and have no issues, but I think it’s safe to say that ain’t me. LOL! I may or may not need surgery. I’ll know more after my consult.
  3. Sunday was the Ramblin’ Rose Tri in Rock Hill. I had such a good time volunteering! I am really psyched for our race in September. If I’m unable to do it I’m going to be really sad.
  4. at this point, Tri training continues. Now that session 1 is done, they can focus solely on us session 2 athletes. So our swim practice has been extended to 2 hours each session. Pray for me. LOL
  5. PT continues for my knee, 2x per week.
  6. I have not cracked that CPCU book in a minute. I need to hop to it.
  7. my friend Rashad gets married in September. I ain’t bought nary a ticket nor booked my hotel. Why did I agree to be in this again? I said no more weddings. Him and his fiancé tag teamed me. I felt like I couldn’t say no. This is the last one! I mean it. LOL
  8. HH’s sister also gets married in September…at a critical time in my Tri training. Did I mention there’s too much going on?
  9. We are still up in the air with wedding plans. I feel like, fluck it. I’m good with the JOP. HH is still on a savings plan and says he can save the $ and he thinks I deserve to have one. I’ve told him at this point my deciding factor is whether or not I need surgery. If I do, it’s a no go. All my resources will be allocated to med bills. Sigh. I have a friend who is an event planner who is looking up info on non-traditional venues in Charlotte, which SHOULD be cheaper. I just haven’t really and much focus to apply to this. My concern is our family unit – me, HH and CH. the wedding is so far in the back of my head right now.
  10. So, like I said, there’s no more room on my list for anything else to be going on. What’s new with you guys? If you’re a lurker, stop by the comments and say hello. I’d love to meet the 6 people who are reading my little blog. 😆

Wedding Plans

So…the wedding planning has not really kicked in, beyond basic ideas and plans. So far we know the following:

  • we’re getting married in our hometown
  • we’re trying to keep it at 100 people
  • the estimated budget is $5-7K
  • we’re trying to do this without incurring debt
  • I’m not wearing a traditional wedding gown, and he’s not wearing a tux
  • my brothers are walking me down the aisle
  • my oldest brother will have DJ duties
  • one of his sisters said she’s buying our cake for us, lol
  • the ceremony and reception will take place in the same venue
  • we’re not having a boatload of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Maybe one person to stand up for each of us.

After that? I don’t know. I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and do anything else since we got engaged on 3/29. It’s hard to pick a venue in a city you don’t live in. Of course, I have my mom and a couple of his sisters have offered to help as well. My BFF is up there, too…she probably knows me the best and will most likely be tasked with looking at venues for me (she volunteered for this, I didn’t mandate it. LOL)

My BFF who lives in D.C. has already jumped on the task of finding shops up there for me to shop for my lehenga choli (that’s Indian wedding attire consisting of a short jacket, long skirt, and wrap). I’ve been posting pics on Instagram and Twitter of styles and colors. I’ll make my final decision when I head up to DC and see the dresses in person. You can order online, but I don’t want to chance it, and end up with something crazy.

For the married folks: how did your wedding planning go? Did your hubby give much input? What would you do differently (if anything)?


So…this is the new blog! What do you think of my header?

We’re still under construction, so bear with me. So much stuff has happened since I stopped writing on the old blog. Namely, I AM NOW ENGAGED! 

Yep. HH is signing on for the random craziness for the rest of his life. #winning

I’m in the midst of trying to plan this small wedding, save money, get used to my new job, cohabitate with HH, keep him and Bogey from taking each other out, finding time to exercise and still try to do some yoga. Just typing that made me tired.

Anywho, like I said, bear with me through the “construction” process! Pull up a seat, grab a ginger beer, and make yourself comfy.