So…this is the new blog! What do you think of my header?

We’re still under construction, so bear with me. So much stuff has happened since I stopped writing on the old blog. Namely, I AM NOW ENGAGED! 

Yep. HH is signing on for the random craziness for the rest of his life. #winning

I’m in the midst of trying to plan this small wedding, save money, get used to my new job, cohabitate with HH, keep him and Bogey from taking each other out, finding time to exercise and still try to do some yoga. Just typing that made me tired.

Anywho, like I said, bear with me through the “construction” process! Pull up a seat, grab a ginger beer, and make yourself comfy.


13 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I love the new spot. I remember when I was preparing to be a wife. I didn’t even plan a wedding and I got overwhelmed. I pray you have a nice relaxing honeymoon where you can exhale.

  2. CONGRATS! You’re soon to be hubs is handsome! Good job on that lol.

    For MMH to co-sign you more than once means you must be awesome.

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