It’s JUST The Internet…

But sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s more than that.

A few years ago, my then co-worker/new friend Serenity23 told me about Twitter. I remember asking, “well, what do you do? How do you use it?” She told me to sign up and see. So I did.

Of course, I knew of no one on there, so she sent people my way, and I started following people that I interacted with on her timeline. It just blossomed from there. There are honestly some peeps on there that I cut up with or talk to more than friends I know in “real life” ( in person? Not sure how to break that down. But y’all know what I mean. LOL)

When I’m talking to people who don’t tweet, they don’t get it. And some who do don’t get it, because they don’t form the relationships with folks where you know about their spouse, their kids, the issues that are important to them…etc. And that’s fine, but I prefer my version of Twitter-dom a little better. In my world, things like this happen:

  • Dinner meet ups when you travel to a city where your tweeps live
  • Parenting advice
  • Folks getting together to do good deeds for others

Let’s talk about that last one. That’s where it becomes more than “just the internet” for me. When my dad passed away in 2010, I got a beautiful flower arrangement from a group of “tweeps.” My family asked, “who are those from?” And when I explained, they were mostly surprised. Like, people you never met in person sent you flowers?

Yeah. Yeah, they did.

So, yesterday, I came home to my husband buying me some tires and rims (lol), but also sitting in the garage was the stroller/car seat travel combo from our registry. I fell asleep and didn’t open it, but today that was my first order of business. HH didn’t see why I had to open it now and had all sorts of “why’s” about the situation. Really dude, just get the stuff out the box. Who argues with a pregnant woman?!? Do better. LOL!

But Babies.R.Us didn’t repackage the box. They just slapped a mailing label on it and mailed it. So no invoice or gift message was to be found. Booooooooooooooo! I tweeted about having HH pull all that stuff out only to realize there wouldn’t be an invoice, and how I wanted to be able to thank whoever sent it and let them know it arrived.

Then Bewitched0181 shows up in my iMessages (lol) and spills the beans! I laughed and cried all at the same time. Happy tears, of course. Y’all already knew these hormones got me on edge.

So Baby H & Family would like to say thank you to all her Twitter aunties who contributed to her being able to ride around the town in style! It is immortalized on the blog, so one day she can read about how so many people loved her before she even got here. 🙂