Monday Music

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

I love music. The right songs can change my whole mood. My commute to work is like 34 miles. Usually, I can get what I need from SiriusXM, but sometimes I plug my iPhone in and queue up a playlist.

I have an R & B playlist and every song on there has some kind of memory attached to it. Some of them are older songs that remind me of when I first moved to Charlotte. Some remind me of my days in ATL. I know all of them, and I gladly sing along.

These are a few of the songs that gave me life today:

Better and Better – Lalah Hathaway

I love Lalah’s voice. I could sing this song to HH, because the lyrics apply.

I Love You – Cheri Dennis

Bless her heart. Another career killed by Puffy. They used to rock this at Golden Glide back when I used to skate on the regular. Good times.

It’s All About You – Tracie Spencer

This was the last single Tracie Spencer released, as far as I know. Way back in like 1999/2000. Good stuff. Could’ve sang this to several exes I chucked the deuces to. LOL!

Crazy – Javier

If you watched The Voice you may recognize this guy. He put out 3 CDs before he even went on the show. Loved his first one. The second one, not so much. He has a great voice. I used to blast this song on the radio all the time when it came out.

What are some of your favorite songs to sing along to in the car?