Open House

Today was open house at the teen’s new school. This will be his school for his last two years of high school. It will be Baby H’s high school unless we move or get re-zoned.

Anywho, I left work early and met the guys over there. That school is pretty big. They gave us a map and we went around to all his first semester classes. His first semester involves alternating between gym and JROTC for his first class, then Algebra II, Contemporary Law and Justice, and last but not least, Chemistry.

At first I could tell he was being a little timid. As we walked around and met the teachers, he seemed to perk up. His algebra teacher looks like he could be one of the students! I’m sure he gets tired of hearing that.

The JROTC teacher is an older black male. I really liked what he had to say. The kids will have a uniform that they will have to wear once a week. It must be worn all day, from school bus pick up to school bus drop off. Changing during the day results in a call to the parents and an F. D’oh! The uniform is (surprisingly) free; we just had to pay for his t-shirt that he will have to use on designated ROTC PT days. We need to get him some black shorts. They also go out into the community and do community service work. JROTC keeps a record of this, so the cadets can refer to it when filling out college apps. Love it! He told us they are not there to push kids into military. They are there to teach them discipline and knowledge, and to learn how to do their best in school. I’m excited about his upcoming experiences with that.

His law teacher is a coach and used to be the athletic director. We had a nice little discussion about Syracuse joining the ACC. I Love his syllabus. Under extra credit it basically says “don’t ask – do what you’re supposed to do and you won’t need it.” LOL! I love it.

As we were walking to his chemistry class, I was telling CH that chemistry is one where he needs to be paying attention from the beginning, because it just continues to build upon what you learn. We get to the class and the teacher basically tells him the same exact thing. His class will have homework every night. I support it. #winning

I am excited for him for his junior year. It’s a good foundation for him. His second semester classes are just as interesting. I hope he takes advantage of all that’s being offered to him. If he can bring up the grades from last year, I’m going to have to come up with a nice surprise for him.



Today I started our registry at Babies R Us. I took my good friend Lori with me. She has two kids and knows all about this baby stuff. Without her, I’d have been standing in the middle of that store, wielding a scanner, completely clueless.


I don’t know anything about this new adventure and my nerves are kicking in. She’s not even due here for another 3 months, and it feels like I don’t have enough time to do what I need to do. Whatever that is. LOL

We need to find daycare. We need to get her room set up. I need to take the hospital tour, and sign up for classes on Lamaze and breast feeding.

As I watched the salesperson demonstrate this three in one stroller/baby seat carrier, I honestly did not hear half of what she said. I just kept thinking, “how the hell am I going to do this?!?” (by the way, why does it seem that you need to be a nuclear physicist to figure out some of these contraptions?!?) I looked at all manner of bottles and playpens and bouncers and thought, I don’t know anything about this world.

So, anywho…that’s how I’m feeling. For better or for worse. My feet hurt, my back hurts, and I pee every 5 minutes. I wouldn’t change it for the world, though. I am enjoying my pregnancy, and I just want to be the best mommy I can be for this little girl.