If The Shoe Fits

…and it’s on clearance, you should get it. IJS.




The top two were birthday presents to myself, and the bottom pair is being gifted to me by one of my birthday twins, Tarheelgal!

Funny thing is, I started to get those ankle boots a couple of months ago. Glad I waited!


They Don’t Count

I’ve decided that birthday calories don’t count, because I just smashed this salmon dish:

And when I got back to my cousin’s house, I ate one of these:

20130127-213315.jpg(those would be “Better Than S*x” cupcakes – chocolate cake with caramel inside, and toffee pieces sprinkled on the frosting)

So…yeah. They don’t count. LOL!


I think I actually said that last night, around midnight. LOL! It’s an interesting birthday. One of those middle years between 35 and 40. I feel pretty young, mentally. Every now and then my body reminds me that I’m not 20, but it’s cool.

Yep. All my parts. Even the creaky ones, like my knees and hips. 🙂

Today has been pretty relaxing so far. I wish my sisters could’ve stayed another day. I got a birthday song (Stevie Wonder style), and while I wasn’t looking, my sister Pam slipped a birthday card into my bag. I wish HH could’ve come with us this weekend. I talked to him briefly last night, but he was so sleepy he probably doesn’t remember half of that conversation. LOL!

At some point today, I need to hit the gym. I looked online and there is a Anytime Fitness about 5 miles from where I’m staying. I should start this new year of life on a high note, right?

Truthfully, I just need to burn some calories for the cupcake(s) I plan to eat later this evening. I know. Don’t stone me. It’s my birthday. I’ll be good tomorrow.

I have gotten birthday emails from a couple of studios in Charlotte, offering a complimentary class in celebration of my birthday. I plan to take advantage of those, as soon as I can schedule the classes in to my week.

Is Denny’s the only place where you get a free meal for your birthday? 😀

Anywho, thanks for all the love and well wishes. I think know 38 is going to be a great year!