If The Shoe Fits

…and it’s on clearance, you should get it. IJS.




The top two were birthday presents to myself, and the bottom pair is being gifted to me by one of my birthday twins, Tarheelgal!

Funny thing is, I started to get those ankle boots a couple of months ago. Glad I waited!


5 thoughts on “If The Shoe Fits

  1. NICE! I’ve been on the hunt for some new heels and boots. I like boots, but I’ve never been into wearing knee high boots. I just didn’t think I’d look right since I’m short. JD thinks I’ll look sexy in a pair, so I’ve been shopping to find a pair I like…for HIM to buy. LOL

    • Baaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha! That is definitely a mom word. I already have a couple of leopard print so I have no idea why I even went for those. I’m definitely looking forward to the zebra shoes. Making up outfits in my mind already. LOL

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