Ups and Downs

Of course, the one day I decide to go on the road, frickin’ Winter Storm Khan decides to roll through the area. Really?

CMS decided to let the schools out at noon. I spent the morning cuddled up with HH, until around 11:00. I was ready to hit the road at noon; my sisters had left VA that morning and had already made it through Charlotte.

HH had other plans. He wanted us to have lunch first. So the mad dash began. He ran to the school to get CH (the bus would’ve taken 45 mins to get him home), and I ran to the pizza place and to get gas.

By the time we left Charlotte it was about 1:30. I thought we might be ok because they claimed the storm was coming through at 12:00. Boy was I wrong!

It started raining by the time we hit Gastonia, and even harder when we crossed into SC. Around Gaffney, I realized the rain was freezing on my wipers.

Oh, crap.

I was trying not to be nervous since I had CH in the car. In Spartanburg, I started seeing cars off in the median and the roadside. Some were turned the wrong way. At one point, the traffic slowed because of one of the accidents. I wasn’t going that fast, but when I went to stop, I felt the Altima sliding. I was able to stop, and the guy behind me was quick enough to steer himself to the right.

At this point, my heart was in my throat. I was frustrated because we stayed for lunch and we could’ve been 1.5 hrs head of the storm. Ugh!

I found a Comfort Inn off the highway and decided we might need to camp out. We ran into another traveler who apparently decided to do the same thing.

After a few minutes, I figured we should go get some snacks for the night. We headed out and I noticed it had stopped raining/sleeting. The roads looked better. We got back to the hotel, and the same traveler was outside with his family. His wife said they were told that GA was dry and if they could get to Anderson, SC they’d be ok.

My mind started clicking. Hmmm. Maybe we can make it. HH sent a text and said if we were going to do it, to get out before 5:00. I had to send my sisters to meet Tazzee to pick up our Battle of the Bands tickets (thanks, Tazzee!) because I didn’t think we’d make it. My sister told me if I was going to leave I had 10 minutes and if I wasn’t gone by then I needed to just stay. Did i mention she is my second mom? LOL!

We hit the road and it was still a but slushy through Greenville, but after that we were able to pick up the pace. We made it to my cousin’s hour safe and sound!

I got here and checked my email and I’ve been picked to be a Tri It For Life Mentor! I’m so excited. I can’t wait until training begins.

What started out as a downer (lemme tell ya, I was close to frustration tears but I refused to cry in front of the teen, LOL), quickly picked up towards the end of the day. I get to be with my family on my birthday weekend! Even my crazy niece:

This chick has her own iPhone, but always has to grab mine and take crazy photos. 12, to be exact. Why?!? LOL!

Whew. I surely need a glass of wine! But I had to get here to see my oldest nephew play those quints. This is the second time I’ve had to fight some crazy traffic to see him. He better appreciate me! LOL


Why I Left Siberia-Cuse

You see Wednesday’s forecast?!? Any questions? LOL!

I love my hometown, but um…yeah. #NO. I’m not built for that life anymore.