Lots of Locs

My locs are coming along quite nicely, if I may say so myself. Tomorrow, I have my monthly grooming session with my fabulous loctician Tinesha, over at Revolution EGO. She really hooks me up. I haven’t had them styled since my wedding day, but working out in the pool sort of negates all that hard work and cash.

It’s been nice to look back on my journey from 11/26/10 to now:

The day they were started.

Approximately 1 year later

Thanksgiving 2012

20130115-110105.jpgJanuary 13, 2013

This is the most hair I’ve had on my head in a long time ever. In my earlier years, quests to keep up with old standards of beauty and all my long-haired friends led to damage, breakage, and mayhem. My hair has flourished the most without the use of straightening or coloring chemicals.

When I was a loose haired natural, it was nothing for me to wake up one day and to decide to cut my hair and start over. I never had the patience for transitioning, and I’m so glad my 2003 transition from relaxed, to texturized, to natural was relatively quick. I don’t “get it” when people are scared to cut their hair, but it’s their journey and I respect that.

I still henna my locs at home, for now. I suspect the longer they get, I’ll have to have assistance. LOL! It’s definitely a Saturday or Sunday event and involves lots of Saran Wrap and patience.

20130115-110826.jpgGrays before and after henna application

(If you’d like to learn more about henna, please read here. This is, like, the henna bible as far as I’m concerned.)

People have asked me how long I’ll let them grow. I really haven’t decided. I’m just going to see where they decide to go.