No More Room

Hey peeps! Sorry I haven’t been blogging much. I definitely do not have room for much more right now.

  1. CH arrived safe and sound last night around 10:00pm. Let the step-parenting begin! As you know, I have no children of my own…nieces and nephews are only partial preparation. LOL! Instead of focusing on the changes to my lifestyle and schedule, I am framing it as the chance to have a positive affect on a young adult’s life. We shall see how this pans out over the next 3 years.
  2. Ortho surgeon consult pending. My MRI showed a focal defect in the cartilage of my knee. Apparently some folks can function smoothly and have no issues, but I think it’s safe to say that ain’t me. LOL! I may or may not need surgery. I’ll know more after my consult.
  3. Sunday was the Ramblin’ Rose Tri in Rock Hill. I had such a good time volunteering! I am really psyched for our race in September. If I’m unable to do it I’m going to be really sad.
  4. at this point, Tri training continues. Now that session 1 is done, they can focus solely on us session 2 athletes. So our swim practice has been extended to 2 hours each session. Pray for me. LOL
  5. PT continues for my knee, 2x per week.
  6. I have not cracked that CPCU book in a minute. I need to hop to it.
  7. my friend Rashad gets married in September. I ain’t bought nary a ticket nor booked my hotel. Why did I agree to be in this again? I said no more weddings. Him and his fiancé tag teamed me. I felt like I couldn’t say no. This is the last one! I mean it. LOL
  8. HH’s sister also gets married in September…at a critical time in my Tri training. Did I mention there’s too much going on?
  9. We are still up in the air with wedding plans. I feel like, fluck it. I’m good with the JOP. HH is still on a savings plan and says he can save the $ and he thinks I deserve to have one. I’ve told him at this point my deciding factor is whether or not I need surgery. If I do, it’s a no go. All my resources will be allocated to med bills. Sigh. I have a friend who is an event planner who is looking up info on non-traditional venues in Charlotte, which SHOULD be cheaper. I just haven’t really and much focus to apply to this. My concern is our family unit – me, HH and CH. the wedding is so far in the back of my head right now.
  10. So, like I said, there’s no more room on my list for anything else to be going on. What’s new with you guys? If you’re a lurker, stop by the comments and say hello. I’d love to meet the 6 people who are reading my little blog. 😆


9 thoughts on “No More Room

  1. *cough* I admit to lurking. Wandered over here following links from CB. I’m baby duck over there. Not a weird stalker; you just write well, and actually post with some regularity, so your in my reader list. =) Hope you don’t need surgery, and wish you well with the step-parenting.

  2. Yeah, you’ve got a lot going on. Step-parenting is NO JOKE! At least you have the added benefit of CH living full-time in your house. With SS, he’s only with us on weekends and a couple days out of the week, maybe. That is the biggest hurdle we have. I could blog solely on the blended family aspect.

    I hope you don’t need surgery. But if surgery is going to help then it’s a necessary evil. I have some of the same issues with my knee that you’re having. I did one round of PT and then just stopped running. Mister thinks that my knee problems are a fluke and that I can run. *side-eye to him*

    As for weddings….I’m there with you! I voted for the JOP but Mister wanted a wedding so his grandparents could be there. We have settled on a ceremony. We can invite 20 people and then we’re having brunch. Ceremony is at 11 and brunch is at noon. By 3 PM, I’m gonna be done with people.

    • I love it! Short and sweet. i’m still trying to get HH to see the light on that. If we do something w have to start planning NOW so he needs to make up his mind, lol

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