Wedding Plans

So…the wedding planning has not really kicked in, beyond basic ideas and plans. So far we know the following:

  • we’re getting married in our hometown
  • we’re trying to keep it at 100 people
  • the estimated budget is $5-7K
  • we’re trying to do this without incurring debt
  • I’m not wearing a traditional wedding gown, and he’s not wearing a tux
  • my brothers are walking me down the aisle
  • my oldest brother will have DJ duties
  • one of his sisters said she’s buying our cake for us, lol
  • the ceremony and reception will take place in the same venue
  • we’re not having a boatload of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Maybe one person to stand up for each of us.

After that? I don’t know. I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and do anything else since we got engaged on 3/29. It’s hard to pick a venue in a city you don’t live in. Of course, I have my mom and a couple of his sisters have offered to help as well. My BFF is up there, too…she probably knows me the best and will most likely be tasked with looking at venues for me (she volunteered for this, I didn’t mandate it. LOL)

My BFF who lives in D.C. has already jumped on the task of finding shops up there for me to shop for my lehenga choli (that’s Indian wedding attire consisting of a short jacket, long skirt, and wrap). I’ve been posting pics on Instagram and Twitter of styles and colors. I’ll make my final decision when I head up to DC and see the dresses in person. You can order online, but I don’t want to chance it, and end up with something crazy.

For the married folks: how did your wedding planning go? Did your hubby give much input? What would you do differently (if anything)?


6 thoughts on “Wedding Plans

  1. Yay! Wedding chatter!

    Hubs was very involved, he was more than willing to come look at venues with me and eat up their food. He picked the invitations and didn’t want kids at the wedding. The one thing I would have don’t differently is gotten another photographer..she ended up being very flaky and while my pictures aren’t bad, they aren’t great. I didn’t see my vision in them.

    • HH is very “Coming to America” and pretty much says “whatever you’d like” when I ask for input. LOL! Basically I need him to pick his clothing and be at the venue on time. LOL! Actually, we are considering having his dad handle the food (Jamaican food menu), so that may affect our venue choice.

  2. Well… you know I was trying to get married in my Pastor’s office. My BFF planned my entire wedding. She went to MM when she wanted more money because she knew he’d say yes, LOL. In that regard, he was more involved than me.

    EasyPeasy for me.

  3. Can only married folks comment? 🙂

    I loved the dresses you have posted on twitter of the Indian wedding attire….but I am curious why Indian? What will HH wear? Would you consider outside of your hometown to keep guest list low? Are you raffling out invites to blog land? 🙂

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