Howdy, peeps? How are you? I know I’m super sporadic. Hang in there with me.

This weekend Lailah and I had quite a busy Saturday. One of my friends had a luncheon get together for a bunch of us who used to work together. This was the job where I met Serenity_23. The reason for the luncheon was that one of our old coworkers passed away a few weeks ago. She wasn’t sick that we know of. Her grandson (whom she had primary custody of) found her. So sad. So we figured we shouldn’t wait so long to get together. It was nice to see everyone. Everyone loved Lailah, and kept saying what a good baby she was.

After that, we went to a birthday party for a 1 year old. Lailah fell asleep on the way to the party, but she woke up when we got inside. It was such a nice celebration. I remember when my friend announced that she was pregnant, and now her daughter is 1.

It’s so nice to get out and about when we can. Most of my friends live way on the other side of town, where we used to live. It’s hard to get together. Lots of times, baby and I are at home chillin, and our biggest adventure is a trek to Tarjay. And that’s oh so bad for the budget. LOL

On Sunday, everyone was tired. HH slept in because he took allergy meds the night before. Lailah woke up early, but then she took a cat nap. I tried, but as soon as I got sleepy, she woke up. HH came out into the living room and then she fell asleep for like two hours. So I took a siesta as well. When we woke up, it was time for HH to leave for work. We took our obligatory Sunday visit to Tarjay, and someone fell back asleep in the cart.

That doesn’t even look comfortable, but I guess it worked for her.

How was your weekend? Did you get any good naps in?


7 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. Yes, I got in a decent nap after the 5k Saturday. This was after my first full week in over a year and not taking a nap LOL. Lailah is so adorable, I can’t wait to see her again.

  2. I took a nap that was so good on Sunday that I woke up thinking it was Monday! It was some good sleep.

    Keeping up with people is so hard! I try to put things on the calendar otherwise, I am saying…It’s a year since we saw each other!

  3. I don’t know why “That doesn’t even look comfortable.” cracked me up. Kids fall asleep in the strangest positions.

    My fave nap was after church Sunday, we go to 8 a.m. service which means I’m up around 5, the kids- 6. We go to Sunday School also so we’re home by 11. Brax fell asleep on the drive home. Zoe ate and then I sent her to her room for a nap. My husband and I attempted to watch Kandi’s wedding but I fell asleep and at some point, my husband laid down. The home was quite and it was bright outside. LOVED IT!

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