Out and About

Yesterday, HH surprised us and took the day off work. I think he decided that morning. He said he was tired and wanted to spend some time with me and CH.

I went to the gym while he caught up on some sleep, then I came back and we all got dressed and went bowling. It was super busy at the bowling alley, so we had a 1 hour wait.

We sat and ate some over-priced bowling alley food while we waited for our lane. I saw a large group at a lane not too far from us. It looked like maybe they had a birthday celebration. There were a bunch of beer bottles on the table, and trash from all the food they had.

Of course, when they called us for a lane, that’s the one they gave us. I don’t know why those folks couldn’t clean up after themselves.

Just trifling. (the woman sitting there was with a different group and not part of the Mess Makers)

Anywho, we hit the lanes and bowled two fun games. I won the first one, and HH got three strikes in a row and killed us in the second game (he’s D for Dad):


When we got home last night, we could see the stars and started talking about the Big Dipper. HH told us where he thought the Little Dipper was, and I was like, yeah…NO. LOL!

I told CH that I had an astronomy app on the iPad. It’s one called GoSkyWatch (I’ve been told that SkyWalk is a good one as well). CH asked if we could take it outside, so we did. You point it at the sky and it identifies the stars based on your location.


HH was totally wrong about the location of Ursa Minor/The Little Dipper. Ha!

We were out there laughing and cutting up, because HH kept saying,”I see Uranus!” repeatedly, which would send CH into laughing fits. I know the neighbors were probably like, what’s really going on? LOL! Especially the one that drove by as I had my iPad pointed to the sky.

It was a great night, and for the first time in a few weeks, it really felt like a cohesive family unit. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. Don’t you just love when the family is functional? I enjoy those moments, however few and far between they are. I wonder if there’s an Android app like that. Buddha would get a kick out of it.

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