Dear Dad

This time three years ago, I couldn’t sleep. Of course, for a vastly different reason than having a baby on my bladder. I was worried about you. When I left you in the hospital that night, I was scared that you would not make it to Fra.ncis

I was right.

You left us peacefully, in your sleep, around 7:00am. We were going to move you at 9:00am. I knew you did NOT want to be in that hospital, but we couldn’t take you home. The doctors had given you 2 weeks, but they rarely are able to pinpoint it exactly. It was just a guess.

It seems crazy that it’s been 3 years. Lots of happy events have come our way since then. Granny is 101! And she’s still the most sarcastic one on that side of the family. Aunt Shirley and Aunt Betty have been checking in on me. When I talk to them, it’s like talking to you sometimes (especially when they imitate your voice and phrasing, lol).

I was watching Y and R with Mom yesterday, and she wanted to know why Victor was still alive. Seriously? LOL! I told her how we used to talk about Y and R and Victor’s shenanigans. I’m so glad you survived dating her in the teen years, even though she admits she threw your engagement ring at you several times. Thanks for hanging in there, or I wouldn’t be here.

HH is a great husband. I don’t know his exact conversation with you in the hospital three years ago, but I feel like he made some promises and he is living up to them. He makes me laugh at least once a day, and we are just focused on making our way through life together.

I was hoping that your youngest granddaughter might make her way out today. But, as I’ve learned, there are some pieces of life I just can’t control. However, if you want to have a chat with her, feel free. 🙂 Meanwhile, I’ll let Mom take me on another walk today (translation: I will go walking with her so that she doesn’t get lost again. LOL)

We all miss you, and sometimes I want to pick up my phone and call you. Your number is still in here. I can’t bring myself to erase it yet. I will, at some point. I just wanted to check in before this day gets cranked up.

I love you!


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