Let’s Play Catch Up

Hey peeps! Time has been flying by, and I haven’t been too anxious to blog. I have been venting on twitter as needed.

I had my shower on 10/19 and we had a blast! I missed having my sisters and mom there, but my aunts drove up from Savannah. It always feels like my dad is around when they are there. We’ve started organizing everything, and just need to finish putting things away. I need to get to the thank you cards as well.

Mom got here on 10/27. I was kinda hoping Baby H would be early, but this chick is yet holding on. No thinning, dilation, nothing. Straight chillin in the womb.

Speaking of, we’ve hit a little snag with gestational thrombocytopenia. In plain English, that means my platelet counts have dropped. Why does it matter? Well, none of the anesthesiologists at the hospital where I’m delivering will give me an epidural if my count is below 100K. I’ve been to the hematologist for testing and started taking prednisone at the end of last week.

Let me tell you about prednisone. It is the devil. I have been having headaches since I woke up Saturday morning. Matter of fact, just one long azzed headache. Today it was so severe that my head hurt any time I moved it off center. HH came home and ran up to hug me and hit my head with his torso and I just started crying. He immediately determined that he would drive me to the hematologist and to work.

I just leaned my seat back and took the ride. When we got to the doctor’s office, the nurses all wanted to be chatty about my due date, etc. and I was not in the mood. Can’t you see I feel like death warmed up?

The phlebotomist took my blood sample and I think she thought she bruised me because I just sat there with my eyes closed and tears streaming down. Like, I could not stop crying from the pain. And the more I tried to stop myself, the more they fell (I really hate to cry in public).

They took me to the exam room, and the nurse came in and told me she was waiting for my results, and I nodded my head. Then she asked what was wrong and what she could do to help. I know I burst into what had to be the UGLIEST cry of 2013. It was probably fugly. I choked out how much my head was hurting and how I’ve been having these headaches since Saturday. She told me she’d check with the doctor, but she suspected it was the prednisone.

Stupid medicine.

She came back and said that he said it was indeed the meds. So I asked her, “well do we at least have some results for all this pain?!?” She told me my platelets had gone up from 95K to 97K. Womp Womp! 2K? But I guess that’s better than nothing.

My dosage has been dropped from 80mg to 60mg, and I’m hoping that will help. We left, and HH stopped at the store to get me some Tylenol. By the time I got to work, it seemed to be kicking in.

Everyone at work wants to know when I’m going to stop working. Problem is, if I am not written out medically, it will eat into my time. So I have to talk to my doc about it Thursday. If she doesn’t write me out, then I will be in there doing the bare minimum next week as well. *sigh*

Or, Baby H could just come on in the room. Because we’re certainly ready to meet her. 🙂 plus, being on prednisone slows her movements down, and that sort of freaks me out. I’m sure she’s tired of me eating/drinking cold stuff to make her move. Nerve wracking.

I have enjoyed pregnancy up to week 38, but I am not going to be disappointed if she comes out before the 16th.

So, now we’re caught up. Hope everyone is doing well. I hope the next time I check in, it’s to tell you that she made it here safely!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Play Catch Up

  1. Oh, man. Sucks to read about the headaches. I’ve never had a migraine before, but I know that any time my head aches in any way I just want to die. I hate that you are feeling that pain while also finishing growing little Lailah!

    So glad your mama is there – nothing in the world is better than her…even when she’s eating all the ice cream 🙂 I think the thing I look most forward to abou being pregnant is when my mama comes to take care of me. Pure heaven.

    Can’t wait to read that your sweet little girl has arrived safely into your arms!

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