Winding Down

9 weeks until Baby H is due to arrive! Of course, she could come early. You just never know. It seems like this summer flew by.

I’ve enjoyed feeling her moving around and her kicks. Her favorite spot seems to be on the far right side, just below my ribs. Last night she was there and would not move unless I laid down on my left side. I’m waiting for her to make her way back there this morning.

I’m almost disappointed that the pregnancy is winding down. I won’t miss the adverse side effects, but this is kind of like our time to bond. Once she gets here, I’m sure she will have her daddy wrapped around her finger for 18+ years.

It’s funny to even think this way, because in my early 20s I would’ve told you I was never having kids. I think I actually said those words out loud several times. LOL! I remember when my nieces and nephews would converge at my mom’s house, shortly after I got out of college. I stayed with my mom for almost 2 years, before I moved to Charlotte.

They’d get there and my nephew LJ would want to play me on the Super Nintendo…the girls would be laughing and playing…and at a certain point I would be like, “ok, Auntie is tired” and I’d go in my room and close my door. I would be like “lawd, I cannot do this life with these chaps!” LOL! Love them to death, but all this chaos is too much.

In my early 30s, I just felt like, it’s not going to happen, simply because I can’t find a dude to stick around long enough. Or, none of them seem like someone I’d want to have a kid with. Around 34 it became, ‘alright – I’m getting old.’ Then HH rolled into my life, and you know the story from there. Here we are, 3 years later, awaiting the birth of our daughter.

You just don’t know what’s in store. I see my friends and eFriends traveling and doing all this fun stuff that I thought I’d be doing at this stage in the game. That’s what I get for thinking. LOL! I look around and realize that I’m right where I’m supposed to be.


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