Ms. Johnnie

So, I can’t remember if I mentioned it on the blog before (I know I’ve tweeted about her), but we have a neighbor named Ms. Johnnie. She is married to Mr. Bob. They live across the street from us. They are 73 and 76, respectively, and very much retired. They moved back down here from NY/NJ a few years ago.

When we came to do our walk through before the final closing on the house, Ms. Johnnie was outside to greet us.

Ms. Johnnie: are you our new neighbors?

HH: we’re trying to be!

She talked to us for about 30 minutes, telling us about the neighborhood and the neighbors. I’m usually not good with names unless I repeat it to myself several times after meeting people. I remembered her name after that conversation. She tickled me that day, chasing the geese with her broom.

Since we’ve moved in, they’ve looked out for us like we are their family. Mr. Bob is especially impressed with HH, and how he’s outside washing our cars or tending to our yard. Ms. Johnnie is always checking on me to make sure not on my feet too long or in the sun too long.

I love to hear her stories about her marriage. They’ve been married for 42 years. It seems like we have similar personalities; like I’m looking at who HH and I could be in our 70s. She fusses at Mr. Bob about the same things I fuss at HH about. LOL!

About an hour ago, I was leaving to head to the store, and she was outside sweeping. She said, “you need me to go with you?” I said, “sure!”

Now, I really did not need her to go with me, but I sensed that she wanted to go. We took a nice ride to the Ha.rris Te.eter and talked about our families. She insisted on pushing the cart, and told me to take my time.

I got a few things I needed and then I realized that I really needed some kitty litter. But y’all, I knew Ms. Johnnie was absolutely NOT here for me lifting that small box of litter in my state of pregnancy. Even if it is light and well within my control. So I left that litter right on the shelf and just laughed to myself.

On the way out of the store, she grabbed the bags out of the cart and told me not to lift a thing! She was serious, too. I grabbed a bag that had one – one – Ren.uzit freshener in it, and I swear she wanted to take it from me. LOL!

When we came back home, she insisted in bringing in groceries, but HH intercepted her. She gave me her number to call if I ever needed anything, and I put it up on the fridge.

And then, she was gone. She said she was not going to impose, and she walked it on back across the street to Mr. Bob, and her collards she left simmering on the stove with him.

We might not be kids anymore, but we still need a “village,” too. I’m glad to count Ms. Johnnie and her husband as part of ours.


6 thoughts on “Ms. Johnnie

  1. That is so awesome. My neighbors on the left are the exact same a way. A retired couple from New York who spend all day out on the porch and all evening in the garage or backyard. They move our trash cans for us on trash day, they check around the house when we aren’t home at our usual times, they pile my son’s toys in the driveway. They are literally like extended family and they adore us because we’re the “young married couple”. LOL

    You’re blessed and fortunate to have nice neighbors.

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