Teen Tales

CH’s bedroom was the only one without a ceiling fan when we moved in. We thought that was odd, and HH went out and bought one. Then when he took the light fixture out, he realized why. The structure wasn’t there to attach it. We had to have an electrician come out to check some other things, so we had him check on the fan. He had to go up into the crawl space, but now the teen has a ceiling fan.

Which he feels the need to leave on the high setting, even when he’s not in the room.

Uh, did Duk.e Energy announce that power was free this week? No? OK, then I’mma need you to turn the fan off when you are chillin’ in other parts of the house. Thanks!

On Thursday and Friday mornings, HH works first shift, so he leaves for work around the same time CH leaves for the bus. I heard him ask the teen had he turned the fan off in his room, and I heard the teen say yes. Matter of fact, he even went back into his room before he left for the bus stop.

So, imagine my surprise & chagrin, when following instincts, I went to check his room and the damn fan was on high, just a blowin’ away at nothing?!?

Dude. Seriously? Seriously.

I am going to fight this kid!! LOL!


4 thoughts on “Teen Tales

  1. So we need to have a conversation about the definitions of “ceiling fan,” “on,” and “off,” huh?

    By the by, can I come be Mrs. Griswold? LOL.

  2. I’m almost certain something is missing in the brains of teenagers. Mine acts like she can’t fully close doors. The pantry, bathroom, closets, no door in her mind needs to be completely closed…it drives me batty.

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