Headed into the Weekend

I’m glad to see this weekend. Today, I had a check up with my OB/GYN and HH was able to attend. I called him when I was en route, and I could tell by his voice that he forgot. *facepalm* LOL! By the time he got there, I was already in the exam room, and the nurse had already brought out the Doppler and found Baby H’s heartbeat. When he came in the room she turned it on again so he could hear it. It was 152 beats today.

This is the second time that they’ve had to search all over for the baby’s heartbeat. He/she likes to chill low and to the right. Perhaps that’s why my bladder always feels heavy. And then when she did find him/her, the baby moved away like, you are invading my space. Hilarious! Kid is already feisty.

HH and CH just left with a couple of his friends to go ride the go karts. HH is taking them to eat afterwards. That should be expensive fun.

Tomorrow, CH goes up to his school for four hours of EOC studying. We’re going to get up early (read: I will get up early and HH will struggle) to check out a neighborhood garage sale. I’m not sure what’s on tap for Sunday, but I’m glad HH took the weekend off.

CH will be 16 on Monday! He has made some strides while he has lived here, and I am happy with that. It’s a daunting task to take someone else’s child under your wings. His grades are a little better than last year. Hopefully, he will be more prepared for his junior year and understand expectations for home and school life. He and I talked for a couple of hours the other night and watched Mythbusters. He leaves for his summer in NY in a week.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!


4 thoughts on “Headed into the Weekend

  1. YAY! I finally get to comment! Feedly has been acting a fool and not letting me comment from there. Anywho, yay for HH getting to attend the doc appt! I know HH is walking around crazy! CH will be 16 on Monday and BabyH is in the oven!

    This weekend we were supposed to be seeing Mos Def in concert, but that has been postponed. *scowl* So we are going to Dave & Buster’s tonight and then a charity event tomorrow, plus Buddha has a soccer game.

    We have something to do EVERY. SINGLE. weekend this month.
    Oh, and 11 days until first grade is H-I-S-T-O-R-Y!

  2. Glad to hear baby is doing well. I know you’re looking forward to CH heading off for the summer. It’s not easy being a stepmom. I was lucky all my step daughters are grown.

    • It’s definitely the most interesting job I’ve taken on in my life. It has its ups and downs, and I’m definitely ok with having a break for the summer!

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