On The Grow

Baby H is on the grow. I have my next doctor’s appointment on 5/31. I’m 15 weeks and I do have a baby bump. I guess that surprises some folks, but news flash – I’m 5’2″. There’s not a lot of room for this baby to grow vertically. LOL!

One of my friends sent me this article, which I just now got to sit and read in its entirety. I just chuckled at the following, because it’s so true:

“Suddenly, her body is no longer her own. Her entire extended family feels that it is pregnant, and all of them give her advice about what to eat, what to wear, and what to do. I was amazed by how total strangers would approach me when I was pregnant, pat my belly, and offer suggestions. Friends seem to think it their duty to tell pregnant women the worst stories they can think of about cesarean sections, labor pain, and poor outcomes.”

People just want to direct you in everything – all of the above, as well as how to refer to and talk about your baby, when to talk about your baby, etc. They offer unsolicited advice and get mad when you don’t take it…and then if you do ask for help with something later, they don’t want to be bothered because you rebuffed the unsolicited advice. LOL! Who wants to walk around feeling uncomfortable talking about their pregnancy? Not cool.

I tend to be in agreement with those who say a baby’s experience in the world is already being shaped by his/her mom’s emotional state while pregnant. So, my focus is to remain positive and try to make healthy choices.

I am grateful for the support system I have in my close friends (on and offline), and my sisters – who have been through all of this before. Grateful for the people who don’t try to make me feel like my questions/ideas are crazy. Those are the people I keep close.

In the meantime, I will practice my “wax on/wax off” for the folks who want to try and randomly touch me in the coming months.


5 thoughts on “On The Grow

  1. The random belly rubs was always the most annoying thing about my pregnancy. I can’t help but giggle at the amount of people who probably have broken wrists due to me. LOL Enjoy and savor every moment.

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