House Hunting – Update

Last time I posted about the house hunt, we were taking a break, because our realtor had kidney stones. Well, he recovered, and our hunt is on fast forward!

HH sent me a MLS and I immediately fell in love with the house based on the photos. It has everything we need, and a lot of wants. A 4 bedroom ranch is rare. And it’s a split ranch! It even has laminate floors.

After we saw the house, we moved fast to make an offer. Not wanting to play games, we offered them what they asked for. They tried to ask for more, but we stuck to our guns and by the end of that day, they accepted our offer!

Now we’re in the midst of the tedious portion of the house buying. HH has submitted all paperwork for the VA loan, which is approved. We’re in the due diligence period and we’ve sent the seller a list of repairs, based on the inspection report. The house was built 19 years ago, so I’m not too surprised at the inspection. I think the report looks scarier than it is.

We are just waiting to hear back from the seller. I hope that he’s amenable to taking care of the bigger issues, because I really love this house.

The last order of business would also be for our current landlord to get this house back on the market and rented, so that we don’t have to be responsible for the last three months of the lease.

Wish us luck!


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