I am pretty routine about how I live my life. It’s almost downright predictable. I will work. I will tweet. I will FB. I will (occasionally) blog. LOL! So, the people I am closest with know this about me.

If I’m going to make a change in the routine, I will generally give someone a heads up. Like, when I go on my social networking hiatus. “Hey y’all, don’t worry about me, I’ll be gone for the month of January” – people see that and they know not to worry.

I remember a few times when Serenity_23 was in her hiatus for Lent, and folks didn’t know. I would get tweets or text messages asking if she was ok.

There is a group of people I follow on twitter. We all follow each other. If one goes MIA, I will inevitably see a tweet asking, “where’s so and so?”

It reminds me of when I first moved to Charlotte. My big sister, aka Big Dolly (my dad used to call us all Dolly, lol) would call me every Friday to make sure I was ok. Seriously. Every Friday. This was before social networking. We’re talking 1999. I had a home phone with an answering machine. I didn’t even have a cell phone. That was our routine. If I wasn’t home, the message was inevitably, “I’m just checking in…make sure you call me back so I know you’re ok.”

That was our routine. And I made sure I called her back. I did not want her going all John Walsh America’s Most Wanted on me. I can just imagine CMPD rolling up on my door. LOL!

I say all that to say, that I appreciate this social network I have. Some of whom I’ve never even laid eyes on, who would take the time to check on little ol’ me to see if I’m ok. Because they know my routine, and if I break it, something may be wrong.

So, thank you. Your efforts are not in vain. 🙂


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