House Hunters on Hold

So, the house hunt is on pause. Our realtor has kidney stones. Bless his heart! I hope they’re small enough to pass and not need surgery. Either way, he’s gonna be in pain. We like him so we’ll wait. We have a few months leeway, since our lease isn’t up until 9/30.

In other news, the bestest husband ever greeted me with this surprise when I got home:

A dress and some tops from NY & Co. I have really been trying to stay out of that store, because I tend to lose my mind in there. I was saying that I needed some tops for spring, and he took it and ran with it. 🙂 And he was super savvy with it – several red line and sale items! Just how I would’ve shopped. He picked everything himself.

He also got a lawn mower today. Our yard was looking a little “Jungle Book.” Per our lease, we are responsible for the maintenance. I have a feeling this will become CH’s chore until he leaves for his summer in NY. LOL

This has been a sad week for our country. Honestly, while I like to be informed, I find that the news – and social media displays of the news – tend to overwhelm me at times like this. I really haven’t been watching much news this year. Between HH and twitter I tend to stay informed. I just struggle when I let a lot of negativity in. Which conflicts with my feelings that a responsible adult would be well versed in the goings and comings of the world. I guess twitter is my way of reconciling those two things.

Now HH? When I come home (on his days off) he’s watching local news, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, and even Faux Fox News. I usually leave him in the living room with that. He tells me what I need to know.

They are about to realign some units at work. There will be casualty units and then litigation/large loss units. Given that my current unit lead is a lawyer, I know he’s going to end up with a litigation unit. Which means I won’t get to stay under him. This seriously makes me sad. Like, teary eyed sad. He has made this first year awesome. I don’t want to work under anyone else! Ugh. It’s not that I can’t, because I can pretty much work with anyone. I just plain don’t want to. Oh well. Change is a part of life. I’m continuing to roll with it.


4 thoughts on “House Hunters on Hold

  1. HH needs to give a class! He is the best and I’m glad yall have each other…silently hoping that top is my size.
    I’m with you when it comes to the news. I just can’t watch, especially here in Chicago.

  2. Mister has stopped shopping for clothes for me. He buys what he’d like to see me in instead of what I’d like to wear. He is great at picking out purses, dresses and tops when I’m with him. He even bought me a few bras (he would kill me if he knew I just shared that, lol). He is a staunch advocate of “happy wife, happy life.”

    Why can’t you go with your current boss to the litigation unit?

    • Not enough litigation/large loss experience. Unfortunately, being the victim if layoffs/reorganizations hindered my exposure to those type of claims. We have quite a few reps in the office who already handled those types of claims. So they’d be picked first. I just can’t foresee him with a unit that handles $100K and under claims.

      My goal is to hone my technical skills so that I can handle those in the next few years. 🙂

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