Sunday in the Spring

We are finally getting spring-like temperatures around here! It feels good! And even though the pollen has my skin and scalp itching, I am enjoying the view:


Spring is a time of renewal and changes. We come out of our winter shells and start exercising outside. People renew commitments to fitness and health.

Today my 30 minutes of exercise will be spent in a yoga class. It’ll actually be more like 75 minutes. I’ll take the bonus time. Tomorrow afternoon, if the workday doesn’t beat me up too bad, I’d like to hit the pool.

HH is in the kitchen giving CH a haircut, and then he’ll be leaving for work. He’s been driving home every night, instead of staying at the motel near the job. It’s cheaper. I do enjoy seeing him every morning, and not just two days a week. It does wreak havoc on my sleep when he comes in at 1:00am. I figure it’s a small price to pay.

CH was on spring break this week. He seems to have thought his chores were on spring break, too. Uh, no. Considering setting up a debit card account for him to teach him about money management. We would put his allowance money into the account. Right now, he doesn’t really get an allowance. If there’s something he wants to do, we give him the cash if we agree. I like the idea of the allowance, and tying it to completion of chores. Still trying to get HH 100% on board. LOL!

Looking forward to this next season in our lives, for a variety of reasons. Welcome, Spring! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Sunday in the Spring

  1. Yes, welcome spring! This winter felt extra long for some reason. I like the debit card idea. Buddha doesn’t get an allowance but I’d like to start it. We’ve told him that he has to do his chores. If we have to remind him of any at the end of the week, he doesn’t get his full amount of allowance. He still has to do the chores though. If no reminder, he gets the full amount.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Last week we had a high of 45, today 82. I won’t complain though.

    I love the debit card idea. It will be interesting to see how that works out.

    • This weather is crazy! The pollen is everywhere, but I won’t complain. I just went for a 10 minute walk to wake myself up earlier and it was really nice outside. Nice to be out there without a coat.

  3. We had an allowance growing up. For the longest it was $2.50 per week for the longest. Once we got in middle school (my brother and I) we wanted a raise. My Dad told us we had to come up with a rationale as to why we needed a raise. We ended up researching the cost of the movies, snacks, getting bicycle tires fixed, etc. to come up with our rationale. We had to present that information to him and he gave us a raise in our allowance to $5.00 per week. Girl, we though we were rich! LOL! 🙂

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