One Step Closer

A few weeks ago, I asked for a suggestion for a real estate agent in the area. My friend Kelley, whom I love and trust, recommended the agent who helped her parents buy their house. Cool! Our schedules kept conflicting, but finally we found a day where myself, HH and said agent were able to sit down and talk.

I learned more about the home buying process in this one appointment than I ever knew before. Although it sounds intimidating, I’m confident that Bill (the agent), is the right person to help us with this undertaking.

And in the kismet/karma/six degrees of separation department, he’s from NY, and grew up with the man who is now the pastor of the church I grew up in. What are the chances? They are still very good friends. We had a good laugh about that.

The side of town we’ve chosen to live on, means that we’re going to sacrifice house size for convenience of the commute. I feel like, as long as we find the right house, I can be ok with that.

I think we’re ready to take on this process. Our next task is to review and sign the contract with the real estate agent, and let him know what neighborhoods we like. Oh, and make sure we have enough money for all these costs. O_o This would be a good time to win the lottery.

Wish us luck!


6 thoughts on “One Step Closer

  1. Ex-H and I had an excellent agent when we bought our house and it really made the process so simple for us. At least compared to some stories I heard.

    Have fun with it! I know you’ll find the perfect place!

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