Friday 5: Hold The Line

That’s an old Toto song, by the way…LOL

Today’s Friday 5 is about lines. Here we go!

  1. What’s the longest line you’ve ever stood in?

  2. Hmmmmm. I try to avoid lines whenever possible. But I think this would be the line to get into Pearl Harbor, during my 2005 Hawaii trip. And to think, our bus was early.

  3. When did you have the most fun waiting in line?

  4. Definitely the line at Capital Jazz Fest. Those of us who get there early are in line together for about 4 hours until the gates open. Inevitably there’s talk of NFL Rivalries, past jazz fests, and heckling of Meriweather Pavilion employees if the gates don’t open right at 10:00am.

  5. What line, no matter how long or short it is, always drives you crazy?

  6. Lines at the NCDMV. I still haven’t changed my vehicle registration to my married name, because I just can’t with the line.

  7. When did you last behave in a manner that was over the line?

  8. I’m pretty much good at holding the line. I know some habitual line steppers, though. LOL!

  9. What are some lines of poetry you can recite from memory?
  10. I used to have some of the lines from “Ego Trippin’ (Nikki Giovanni) memorized. I might be able to remember one or two now.


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