Fitness Check In

Tried to do this. Annnnnnd, NO. If you don’t already have a good treadmill running base, this is not going to work. I made it through three of these intervals and that’s pretty much all I had. Not to mention, I could only do 7.0 and 7.5mph. LOL!

Last night was leg weights and this walking workout. The thing is – and maybe it’s just me – but I can’t walk like a normal person at 4.0 and 4.5. I tried walking at 4.0 and it killed my calves. Maybe it’s a gait issue (I pronate). I basically realized that at 4.5 I’m doing a slow trot, not a walk. But other than that, I enjoyed the workout and the changes in speed and incline kept me from getting bored.

I have really been focused on adding muscle to my frame. As such, the scale isn’t changing much. However, I can feel a difference in the way my clothes fit. I’ve gotten into some skirts I couldn’t fit in the fall. All the pants I bought in fall 2011 due to weight gain, are now loose in the butt area, and in the waist, too.

One of my friends is making a skirt for me, and she asked for my measurements. Soooooo not happy with the waist measurement. Hoping to see gradual changes. I think I’ll take my measurements once a month now. The scale is useful in telling me that SOMETHING is changing. I wish I had a reliable way to measure my body fat at home. My scale is supposed to do it, but I lost the directions years ago. I have no clue how to make it work. LOL

Eating? Sigh. In my logical mind, I know that going paleo would be great for my blood type and help with allergies, creaky joints, etc. HH is O+ as well, and if we both went paleo it might be easier. May be something to revisit as tri training starts this summer. I am proud to say that I have not bought any ice cream and I only had a little in my birthday as it came with the dessert Kenya and Kelley ordered for me. πŸ™‚ Cheese, butter and sour cream? Still working on those. Paleo means no dairy…that might be pretty tough for me.

So, that’s where I’m at. Do you have fitness aspirations? How are you doing so far this year?


8 thoughts on “Fitness Check In

    • I want a six pack and I dont mean beer. Its hard though. I want to run more but due to my stress fractures I endured when I was in the Coast Guard,my legs have not been the same since. I dont want to give up though, I wish I could run a marathon. I have a scoliosis and my dr is begging me to consider my back and legs before I go overboard. Sigh, I now have an inversion table and a back stretcher.I am not ready to give up having an active lifestyle. I want to look up this Paleo diet. I am O positve too.

      • Google eating for your blood type. It won’t say “paleo” specifically, but what it talks giving up would pretty much make you go paleo. πŸ™‚

        I think that I am probably beating up my body and in 10 years I will feel the effects of what I’m doing now, but I’m a smidge hard headed, so…yeah.

      • Hmm. I have a book on my Ipad. Its called Eating Right for Your Blood Type. I’m struggling giving up cheese, sour cream and the little bit of margarine I do eat. That is pain girl.

  1. My main thing is to be able to RUN that 5k with Ry. Not walk it. I also just want to be healthier in general. I was an athlete in high school/college (many moons ago) and you would never know it now. I bought a few new pair of work pants and was so disgusted w/ the number I am in now. That’s what really got my butt in gear w/ the fitness. As of now, I have cut out fried foods and pop. I’m making smoothies, drinking LOTS of water and making a conscious effort to see that gym that I’m paying for every month. A friend (who is also on a fitness journey) said that when she doesn’t want to work out, she thinks “gym or hospital”. That’s a GREAT way for me to encourage myself too.

  2. I’ve been sporadic. I’ll have a great week then a bad one. No in betweens for me. I’ve been saying I need more ST in my life for a year. Still haven’t made that happen. So yeah, I need work.

    • I have a little but of a streak going right now. I was only half joking on Tuesday when I tweeted that my main motivation for hitting the gym was to keep my Foursquare mayorship. LOL! And I have an 8 week streak of checking into the gym. πŸ˜€

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