Sunday 7: The Boob Tube

It’s time again for the Sunday 7! Today’s list is 7 of your favorite tv shows as a child. Those could be pretty interesting, depending on when you grew up. I personally think the 80s were the greatest, but I could be a smidge biased.


  1. You Can’t Do That On Television

    I loved this show. I think Christine, aka Moose, was my favorite character. If this was on after school, I was guaranteed to be in front of the tv. Just waiting for someone to say “I don’t know,” and get slimed. It was so not an expensive show, no special effects, or anything like that. Just simple, silly TV for kids.

  2. DangerMouse

    The exasperated way in which Danger Mouse always said, “oh, PENFOLD!” always put me in stitches. Nickelodeon had a great group of shows on in the afternoons, and this was one of them. I’ve always been a cartoon-head. Shoot, I will watch them now (Spongebob, anyone?).

  3. 3-2-1 Contact

    3! 2! 1! CONTACT! This show appealed to my nerdy side. They found a way to explain science and how things worked, that was appealing to kids. PBS really had a lot of winners back in the day. Not to mention the show within the show, The Bloodhound Gang. “Wherever there’s trouble…we’re there on the double…we’re the bloodhound gang…” Some episodes I honestly just tuned in to see what The Bloodhound Gang was up to. LOL!

  4. Degrassi/Degrassi High

    Nah, not the Wheelchair Jimmy Degrassi that we know today – the ORIGINAL show with Lucy, Caitlin, Joey, Spike, Snake, and Wheels. Tame, compared to today’s Degrassi, but for our time they tackled some tough subjects, like when Spike got pregnant with Emma…yep, Emma from The Next Generation. It was 80s cheesy, and I was absolutely there for it all. Absolutely. Even the token black kids. Anyway… <– in my Nene/RHOA voice

  5. The Cosby Show

    I don’t even think this needs an explanation. Classic 80s TV. Classic. I was about Vanessa’s age, so I identified with her a lot. I learned definitely not to stay out past curfew. My parents were not The Huxtables, and it wouldn’t have been that nice. LOL! They had two parents in the household, at a time when a lot of my friends only had one parent. I loved watching their family.

  6. Looney Tunes

    As a kid, I was not an early riser. Thus, I slept through a lot of the early morning cartoons. Looney Tunes/The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show was the last cartoon to come on ABC, at 11:00am. I could absolutely be there for that. “Duck Amok” is my favorite cartoon. It’s the one where Daffy Duck is trying to act, and the scenery behind him keeps changing. Still greatly amused, even now.

  7. Fraggle Rock

    Red, Wembley, the Doozers, Uncle Traveling Matt, Sprocket the dog! I always thought Red was spunky. She was my favorite. You’re not an 80s baby if you didn’t watch Fraggle Rock.

Of course, I watched a lot more than this. Shows meant for grown ups, like The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Dallas, Knot’s Landing, and a plethora of other shows. I pretty much grew up in front of the TV.

What were 7 of your favorite shows from your childhood?


9 thoughts on “Sunday 7: The Boob Tube

  1. I never would have ever come up with You Can’t Do That on Television! Awesome. In fact I’m not sure I could come up with much.

    I absolutely hated Danger Mouse. Like passionately. I think it was because my older brother liked it, so I just hated it by default.

  2. I don’t know if I have seven, but the top of my head: What’s Happening was one of my favorite shows. We didn’t have cable but w/the antenna it was fuzzy and I sat through the fuzz to laugh. The Smurfs was my favorite cartoon and I also liked Looney Tunes. I also loved Cosby Show and a Different World. Oh and Punkie Brewster. I wish I could find some old episodes of What’s Happening..

  3. Good Times came on as soon as we got home from school, two episodes back-to-back. We watched everyday! The Brady Bunch and Leave it to Beaver were also favorites between my brother and I. We diverged on Little House on the Prairie though. You Can’t Do this on Televison was a good one although I was a bit older when it started coming on.

  4. Ok so I feel old reading your list. The Cosby Show is the only show I’ve seen. Oh and Looney Tunes, but the shows of the 70s. I loved Good Times, The Jeffersons, All in the Family, Facts of Life, What’s Happening, The White Shadow, The Flintstones – is that 7? I’ll stop there LOL

    • Ooh, The White Shadow – my siblings used to watch that one and I’d watch occasionally. We had the greatest sitcoms nowadays. Now we’re overrun with reality TV. LOL

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