Friday 5 – Dim All The Lights

It’s time for the Friday 5! Ready?

Where’s a good place to check out some pretty lights?
Hmmmm. I’m not sure where to check out lights when it’s not Christmas, but there’s a small town here called McAdenville, right off of I-85, and they always have lights for Christmas. Most of the neighbors decorate their houses and folks will sit in line for hours to drive through. I’ve seen it once.

How well do you sleep with the lights on?
If I’m tired, I can conk out anywhere. I won’t sleep with the lights on, but frequently fall asleep with the TV on. Thank goodness for 4 hour power save.

What’s your favorite song with the word “light” or “lights” in the title?
Of course, my mind goes blank. The first thing that came to mind was “Dim All The Lights” by Donna Summer. However when Kanye put out “Flashing Lights” that used to be our jam at the skating rink. *having a flashback* LOL

What “light” version of some food or drink is as good as (or better than) its regular version?
I tend not to go for light versions. If you’re gonna be a monkey, be a gorilla. I don’t drink soda much, and not much beer. I don’t have anything for this one.

Which light in your house seems to need changing the most frequently, and which the least?
Man, that stupid light over the stove top goes out all the time. We’ve blown through a pack of 4 bulbs in no time. Least, I’d say the energy saver bulbs in my bedroom lamps. They’ve been in there since Duke Energy sent me the free bulbs when I lived in my apartment.


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