Bish, BOO. Bye!

I’m trying to do 2013 a little differently. I have some friends who have been really rubbing off on me, with regard to choosing to be happy and looking for the good things. One of the things I resolved to do is not post a lot of negative things on FB. Not that I posted a ton, but I’d rather use the page to joke around, catch up with old friends, and the like, rather than a “woe is me” platform. If that’s what someone else chooses to do, that is their page to do so. I won’t go on there and try to change their minds. I will hide them from my feed, or if its too much I will just in-friend them all together.

When I say I’m happy about something, I truly mean it. This morning, I was reflecting on the current status of my life and I was pretty darn happy. Great husband, great job, great friends. Shoot, this morning when I left the house, I didn’t even get stuck in traffic and the hammer lane stayed relatively clear for my whole commute. AND I got to work and a space was open in the first row of parking spaces! Winning, right?

So anywho, people are replying to my status (I had asked folks what they were happy about today), generally having a positive experience, and then here comes Evilene.


Someone I went to school with years ago, who rarely has anything positive to say, the few times she is on FB. When she first posted her comment, I took it in a negative way. However, I asked her to explain what she meant, in case I was wrong.

I wasn’t.

I had a lot of snarky stuff I could’ve said to her. Seriously. I coulda lit her azz up. I took the high road, told her I was done, and then proceeded to block her.

Bish, boo. And goodBYE.

Why, man? I’m convinced there are some people out here who are so entrenched in negativity, they don’t know any other way. When they see people being happy, it’s a totally foreign concept, and they think it’s fake. That’s pretty sad. And also not my problem. I’m only responsible for what I post. I’m not responsible for your reaction to it – you are.

And the thing is, I would not have been upset or offended if she removed me from her friends list. Hell, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed (it’s time for another culling of the friends list). You have control over what you are exposed to, online and in life in general.

I will not be surrounded by the Evilenes of the world. I hope you choose not to be, either.


7 thoughts on “Bish, BOO. Bye!

  1. Yes ma’am. I’m ready to light one and I don’t even smoke. Your happiness is awesome and if you have a bad day hey you can vent about that as well. Its your damn page. Do you hon’. I’m sarcasm queen and I’m not changing for anybody. If folks don’t me by now they never will. I think you’re pretty awesome and though I’ve never met you in person I’m sure you don’t take the funk.

  2. now you know i wanna know what the hell she said! lmao

    I don’t surround myself with negative people and i am quick to tell people who are to keep it to themselves because i don’t wanna hear it

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