Friday 5: Criticism

Want to play along? Check out Friday 5 for links every Friday. This week’s theme is Criticism.

  1. How well do you receive criticism?

    I think it depends on what the criticism is related to, and who is giving it. Like, I can receive constructive criticism well at work. For the most part, I already know what I need to be working on, and usually that criticism is just a confirmation. In my personal life, I probably don’t receive it as well. It can feel like an attack, even when it’s not meant to be.

  2. When did someone else’s criticism of you result in growth?

    I think I’ve learned to do a better job with communication in my marriage, based on past criticism. Some was constructive, some was not. But all of it caused me to look inward, which is a good thing.

  3. What do you think of film critics?

    What’s that Hall & Oates song? “Out of Touch?” LOL! I rarely agree with the film critics when they bomb a movie. There have been movies that have receives critical acclaim and I’ve just been like, “eh.” I know they have a trained eye, and are looking more deeply and at more aspects than I entertain, but for the most part I go with my own gut when it comes to films. Especially films with predominantly black casts. I don’t even read the reviews.

  4. What’s something you’d like to make a critical statement about right now?

    Former San Diego mayor Maureen O’Connor and her embezzlement of charity money for gambling. How do you get that far into it, and nobody knows you’re doing this? I appreciate they want to help her get treatment for her addiction, but her punishment appears to be a slap on the wrist. No bueno.

  5. Who’s the most critical person you know?
  6. Hmmm. Good question. I honestly don’t have an answer. I don’t think I have many overly-critical people in my life, so it’s hard to say.

And that’s my Friday 5!


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