Choices and Consequences

Last night, my friends Kelley and Kenya took me to dinner for my birthday. I really have some great friends in Charlotte. I’m glad I moved back here. 🙂

I’m sure the wait staff was like, “anytime these chicks want to leave…” LOL! We stayed and chatted well past 10:00pm. We got there at 7:00. We talked about some of everything (variegated stripes, anyone?), but somehow we got to talking babysitting, nannies, and just kids in general. That’s when Kelley dropped the classic gem:

Life is about choices and consequences. If you are making bad choices, then you have to deal with the consequences!

And how apropos, because I woke up this morning to find that CH had not done something I told him to do yesterday. I don’t know if he thinks my instructions are optional, but in the words of Kevin Hart, he “gon’ learn today!”

Consequences, dude. He might not be happy, but you know what I say to that?

Oh well, Jingle Bell!

I think that’s pretty much how the universe treats us. We’ve all done something we’re not supposed to do, but as adults we’re more aware of the consequences. We weigh the pros and cons and we make our choice. So, life is like, ok – is that your final choice? And then it slings all those consequences at you and you just have to work it out.

You wanna spend the bill money on new shoes? OK, well now your power is out and you can’t watch tv, surf the net, none of that stuff.

You want to cut the fool at your job? OK, well now you’re fired. Run tell dat.

Yep. Choices and consequences.

I don’t ask for perfection, but something’s gotta give.

20130205-103224.jpg (photo courtesy Horse Hollow Press)


6 thoughts on “Choices and Consequences

  1. welp, hes gonna have to learn. I am teaching my 3 year old about choices and consequences every day. She had to learn not to try me early on so we won’t have this problem when she becomes a teen lol

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