Who Dis Woman?

This morning, I jumped up early to get dinner in the crock lot. We’re having beef stew with sweet potatoes.


I laughed to myself, because 10 years ago, this woman did not exist. Do you hear me? She did not exist. She had no crock pot. She barely cooked. This woman, at 38, is very different from the woman who existed at 28.

This time ten years ago:

  • I was 28. I lived in a one bedroom apartment on the south side. I had no one to be responsible for but me. Not even a pet. Wake up early? What’s that?
  • I had just broken up with a dude who could only seem to be committed to his mom, his daughter, and his job. (I stupidly gave him another chance 4 years later, but that’s another blog. I’m sure he’s still committed to those same things, except now he has a son, too. LOL)
  • I was the heaviest weight I had ever been. I went to visit my sis and bro in law in Germany that year. My bro in law told me (years later), that I “waddled” towards them in the airport. O_o LOL!
  • 20130203-102104.jpg
    (me in Fall 2002…looked pretty much the same when I went to Germany)

  • I was still working in insurance, but at that point hadn’t gotten serious about it as a career. It was a job.
  • I wasn’t good with budgeting or anything remotely related to same.

So, “who dis woman” now? In no particular order, she’s a wife. A triathlete. A (step)mom. An insurance professional. A daughter who misses her father and loves her mother. A sister who loves her four siblings with all her heart and soul. An auntie who loves all 6 of her nieces and nephews with all her heart and soul. (Hopefully) a good friend who is there for her friends like they are there for her. A woman who is just trying to live life and figure out her way through this world, with each new challenge.

I like her. πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Who Dis Woman?

  1. How did the beef stew come out? I never would’ve thought of using sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes!

    It is amazing how we change over the years. You definitely look different than that image. Hooray for positive body changes and other personal changes.

    • It came out great! But I think because my crock pot is newer it cooks faster. Even on “low” it did not need 8 hours. I need to remember to adjust the cooking times.

      I’ve got some stew here for lunch and I’m just waiting for noon. LOL!

  2. awesome. I’ve done so much changing and growing in the last 10 years its truly amazing sometimes to sit and think back on it

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