Friday Foolery – Bad Baby Names

This morning on Twitter, we’ve been discussing crazy names. Specifically:

(that would be ERICA, btw)

It made me think of a website I used to frequent a few years ago, called Not Without My Handbag. I’ve taken the liberty of directing you to the “Bad Baby Names” tab so that you can laugh until your stomach hurts.

You’re welcome.

I probably just jacked up your work day with this distraction. But it’s Friday, so…yeah. LOL!

If you check out the site, please come back and let me know some of your favorite Bad Baby Name entries.


7 thoughts on “Friday Foolery – Bad Baby Names

  1. I’m so slow. I am reading this name and trying to figure what the hell was her momma trying to spell. Thanks for translating because I stared at it for like a good 90 seconds. I flunked Ebonics 101. Lol

  2. OMG!!! I would have changed my name the first chance I was old enough to do so! That’s just AWFUL! LOL!…But Shi’tia is even BETTER! LOL That can go in a couple of directions. LOL

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