52 Week Money Challenge – Counting The Weeks

I was trying to figure out when the weeks should begin and end, and then I found a nice little ISO chart. If you truly are depositing at the end of the week, you could use the “to date” as a guide.

So, by 2/3/2013 you should have $15 allocated.

How is everyone doing? I may do monthly or bi-monthly deposits until the amounts get higher. I feel sort of silly transferring $3 into savings. LOL!


3 thoughts on “52 Week Money Challenge – Counting The Weeks

  1. I am doing awesome and way ahead of schedule. I am reversing my deposits so I don’t have to worry about large deposits at Xmas. I plan to reach my $1500 goal by September.

  2. LOL! Yeah, I know what you mean. However, I used to transfer $5 a week to my ING account when I first time started saving for that particular account. I’m doing pretty well also.

  3. im going great too. I have a way2save account. It transfers money( iused to transfer back every week lol) from my checking to my savings every time i use my debit card. I made sure i left the money when this challenge started so it out me ahead of schedule and i like watching it grow

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