Nobody Cares

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned my disdain for the stick figure family car decals on this blog. I don’t know why, they just get on my nerves. Especially when it’s, like, 1 person and 3 cats. Really? LOL!


20130125-212345.jpg(please note the little baby stick figure hauling tail at the front of the pack…LMAO)

My sisters came to me tonight and said, “we got you a present, and you have to promise to use it!” Ummm…ok! At this point, I had NO idea what it was. Especially since we had just finished discussing Brazilian waxes. I figured I could find a loophole in that I wouldn’t have to use it in the intended purpose, whatever it was. Nope! My sister made me pinky swear to use it for its intended purpose. This is what happens when your family knows you too well.

So, of course, I burst out laughing when they presented me with this:

I guess I can’t get my “Nobody Cares” decal now, huh? And I can only put the female and the cat, because we know HH represents for those Deadskins.


A promise is a promise, right? *kicks trash can*



9 thoughts on “Nobody Cares

  1. Hilarious! Will they let you get away with just the using the Cowboys flags?

    On another note, where did they get that from? I have two Cowboys fans I’m close to I’d give that too! LOL!

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