Honda Battle of the Bands

This is why we braved the winter storm yesterday:













I love my nephew! The travel was absolutely worth it. We had a great time. We were in the nose bleeds, and on the wrong side, but no matter.

My sister called my nephew and was able to direct his attention to where we were sitting so he could see us. A & T was the last band to perform, but everyone did a good job.

They somehow dug Crystal Waters out of the 90s and she opened up the show. She looks great! Ryan Cameron was the emcee. Unfortunately we never could understand what he was saying, due to the acoustics. At the end if the show, Brandy came out and performed. That was a nice surprise.

We sprinted (read: my sister and my niece, nephew and CH ran, and I hobbled behind with my bad knee, lol) over to the other side if the stadium to catch my nephew before he was ushered off to the locker rooms (that’s when I took that last photo).

Now we’re fighting traffic to get out of here and back to my cousin’s house. A great Saturday for all of us. πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Honda Battle of the Bands

  1. I have to try and get the kids to the Battle of the Bands. Dony is enamored w/ all things HBCU. He has been to step shows and I know he would LOVE the Battle of the Bands. Those are great pics! Go nephew GO!

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