Gym Flow

Tonight was upper body. Pull ups, dips (assisted on the machine, of course), bench press, shoulder press, and some abs. 4 x 15 on everything.

Then on to the treadmill:

35 minutes. 5 minute intervals. I alternated between walking 3 minutes/jogging 2 minutes and walking 2 minutes/jogging 3 minutes. Then a 5 minute cool down.

No gym workout is complete (for me) without rolling my quads and ITBs on the foam roller, and stretching.

Aside from the annoying dude who kept telling his girlfriend what to do every 2 minutes, and the dude who got off the treadmill and walked past me smelling like the funk of 40,000 years (insert Vincent Price “Thriller” narration voice here), it was a great evening at the gym.


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