That’s what my friend Ja’ calls Starbucks. And now she’s got me saying it.

I’ve got two rewards waiting for me:

I missed the days when they sent postcards, because then you could hoard them (I learned this from Miss Mile High. I swear she had about 56 free drink cards at any given time). The baristas rarely checked the date.

Clearly, corporate was like, this simply will not do. Now they load them onto your phone, and they disappear if you don’t use them. Ain’t that a bish?

I’ve been rolling with Starbucks since the Chase Duetto Visa. I used to pay my bills on that card (then pay in full when payment was due), and earn 1% to use for Starbucks purchases. Winning, people.

Then they pulled the rug out and started this Gold Card situation. OK, cool. I can use free soy. My digestive system thanks you.

Well, last year they decided, “no more free soy and syrup.” I mean, seriously? They just keep taking isht away. It makes me mad.

I need to find a cheaper favorite drink so I can earn more stars.

Of course, there’s the whole “coffee-is-making-it-hard-for-your-body-to-absorb-the-minerals-it-needs” situation. Having friends who are well versed in natural health can be a PITA when you’re trying to do bad. I’ve been trying to cut back. I haven’t been in a few weeks, and even then I was just getting the egg white breakfast wraps.

I’m using my free drink rewards, though. That’ll be my treat to myself for making better choices. I won’t even get a venti.

OK. That’s a lie. My free drink is always a venti. It’s free, dang it. LOL! I’ll just get tall treats when I make a purchase. For real.

Yep. You just read a post about Starbucks. Because I had nothing better to say at 8:35am. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bucky’s

  1. You gotta maximize the value of the free drink! I get regular coffee when I’m paying ($3.13 for a venti with sugar free syrup), but you know damn well I get my $6.94 latte when I have the reward.

    Have you tried a misto? It’s 2/3 regular coffee, 1/3 steamed milk (I’m sure they would charge for soy), so it’s similar to a latte but cheaper.

    Talking about this makes me want to stop traveling for work so I can go back to part-time nights at Starbucks. I miss it. And I miss the free coffee.

    • See, I don’t even know about these “off menu” drinks. I remember the first time I heard someone order a black and white and I was like, “WTH is that?” LOL! Clearly I need to befriend the local baristas.

      Making a note to try a misto. 🙂

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