One of my friends, whom I also used to work with, used to say that when we put in a lazy day at work, we “owed the company some change.”

Well, I probably owe my family some change. I just have not been 100% present with them, especially CH. I have let the video games entertain him for the majority of the week. Halfway in my defense, he’s 15, so it’s not like I have to plan activities for him, but we haven’t interacted much the past few days. He has had a few days off school, so he’s psyched to be able to play video games during the week.

But, I’ve also been a bit frustrated with him not doing simple things around the house. I went on a cooking strike because I was feeling like, if you’ve been home all day, why are there dishes in the sink? Why are you stuffing trash into a full trash can, instead of emptying it, which is one of your chores, any-damn-way?!?

He must’ve gotten the picture because I heard him empty the trash without being told. And when I sent him a text to remind him that I had a hair appointment on Wednesday night and I’d be home late, he sent a text back and said that he would cook dinner.

I’m über frustrated with only seeing my hubby 2 days a week. It’s not even full days, because I have to work, so it’s really two evenings and half a day on Saturday. So we have to try to squeeze in all this QT for just us, and then family time, on top of being tired, and both of us having the crud (he’s just getting over the cold/flu that I had previously). When we get invited places, sometimes we don’t even go because that takes away from time for us. Hopefully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel round about May. The regional manager indicated someone in the Charlotte yard is slated to retire in May, and then he could transfer back.

Please let that come to fruition, and let that light at the end of the tunnel not be a train coming to mow me over.

I talked to my BFF for a few hours the other day, and I told her that even though we’ve been at this “working out of town” things for 2 months right now, it still feels like it just started and I’m still adjusting. She reminded me that, in the scheme of things, that is a short mount of time and it’s ok that I’m still adjusting. See why she’s my BFF?

I plan to reset myself this weekend. That includes getting back to the gym. I always feel better when I work out and make better food choices.


4 thoughts on “Slacker

  1. #1 – if your friend is right about “owing change” then I pretty much owe all of my last 4 employers my first born plus some. In the end I think they get what they pay for and I give them just what’s required. My bad.

    I hope you get more time with your husband soon. I feel like I’m on the exact opposite side because CP and I work together, drive to and from work together and spend sooo much time together that I often feel like I just need a break. After reading this I felt guilty for taking all of our time together for granted. I really do hope you get the balance and he gets transferred back to Charlotte!

  2. I hate that you guys are apart. I’m praying HH gets transferred back. Until then, you’re not wrong at all for declining invites. MM and I used to decline invites all the time just to spend time alone. Now it’s just sometimes, LOL

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