Friday 5: Celebrations

It’s time for Friday5!


When did you last blow up a balloon?
Hmmmmm. It’s been a long time. Probably the last time one of my nieces or nephews had a birthday party? I have no clue. I just get balloons from Party City. LOL!

Whose house is especially well-designed for parties, and why?
I haven’t been to a house party in a minute, but I have two friends who live outside of Charlotte (in the same neighborhood, actually), and the set up of their houses lends itself well to parties. Open floor plans with large family rooms.

If the party starts at seven, what time are you there?
Well, *I* would be there pretty close to 7:00. If HH is coming with me, that’s going to involve me saying that we have to be there at 6:30, and us still being late, regardless. LOL! Bless his heart, but we almost never get where we need to be at the time I want us there. Thank goodness we didn’t have any issues on our wedding day.

Who brought the best thing to your last potluck?
We had a potluck at work, and a co-worker brought some crock pot chili. It had corn in it. It was really good. Matter of fact, I need to get that recipe from her.

Now that the holidays are over, what (besides a birthday) might be the next thing you celebrate in the company of others?
We have some family reunions and class reunions coming up this summer. And my sisters and I always head to Capital Jazz Fest in June now, to celebrate our sisterhood. I can’t wait to see what the line up will be this year.


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