When Technology Fails Me

So, I have this handy app on my phone:

It pops up traffic alerts every morning, and usually it’s things that don’t affect my commute, thankfully. The other day when it rained, I was getting alerts all day while at work.

So, imagine my surprise when I left work at 4:30 and ran smack dab into this:


I couldn’t quite see the accident scene, but it must have been bad. CMPD had clearly been there for a minute, and was like, “everybody off!”

*insert Florida Evans “damn, damn, damn!”*

So, AFTER I got off 485, fought my way down South Blvd to Arrowood, and got myself back onto 485, guess what popped up?

20130115-181551.jpg(and it was actually the INNER loop, but anywho. Also, I left the work parking lot at 4:35 so I was in the Matrix for a minute, apparently.)


A day late and a dollar short, iPhone! LOL!

Oh well. Glad to have made it home safely, but that app totally failed me today. With a capital F.


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