Random Monday

I am surprisingly awake for someone functioning on 4 hours of sleep. It may not even be 4 hours. I found myself wide awake last night watching Joyful Noise. It was predictable and full of cliches, but it kept me entertained.

It’s been an interesting Monday. A lot of changes going on with my job that I’m not quite sold on. Nothing detrimental, just different. Sometimes I’m open to change, other times I’m resistant.

I had a great breakfast today. Then the sugar monster got me this evening. It’s funny how you can know all the dangers of something (my friend KT has been hipping me to issues with my sugar and dairy intake since 2010), but can’t quite get yourself to stop. Sugar and dairy are my cigarettes. Problem with food addictions is that you need to eat to live.

The Young and The Restless is on in the background. I see Adam and Chelsea have “left town for good” – soaps speak for, there’s not enough money in the budget to have y’all all on screen at the same time. The way these soaps are dropping left and right, it’s nice that Y and R has survived. I don’t watch nearly as much as I used to. Does anyone else still do soaps? Or is it just me? I used to love talking about the story lines with my Dad. He’d be like, “that darn Victor!” Like he knew him in real life.

I need to call my aunties (dad’s sisters) and check in on them. It always cracks me up to hear them do their impersonations of my grandma and my dad.

The other day, I was messing around with my family trees on Ancestry (I like their app, by the way). I had a bunch of new hints. One was on my great uncle living with his niece named Lila, in a small town called Millen, GA. I thought I remembered my grandma talking about someone named Lila, so I called my mom and she confirmed. I had to laugh because I used to date a guy from Millen, and really – what are the chances? After reviewing that, I messed around and accidentally added a hint about this white woman to my tree. Somewhere across America somebody’s family is freaking out. Oops. LOL! I can’t figure out how to fix the tree from the app, or how to re-export the original GEDCOM file, so for now she’s just gonna be part of the Loadholt family.

I miss my hubby. He thinks he has the flu. He’s 2 hours away and probably needs to have a seat, but I know he won’t take a day off. I just need him to come home and rest for a couple of days.

So yeah…this might be the most random post ever on this blog. Random Monday, right?


6 thoughts on “Random Monday

  1. I haven’t watched the soaps in years, but I think one can really just start watching and figure out the storylines in no time! My grandmother was an avid soap watcher, only CBS, and I would watch with her when I stay with her during the summer. I got into them heavily once I was in college and kept up with them a few years after college (thank goodness for the VCR! back then). It became really time consuming after awhile and now I don’t watch at all. It is interesting to peak in when I’m home and still see some of those same characters like Victor, Mrs. Chancellor, Jack, Paul, Lauren, Nikki, etc.

    • I used to tape them in college, too! I watched them all, from Y and R to Guiding Light. As The World Turns and Guiding Light are both off the air. I’m surprised The Bold and The Beautiful is hanging on.

  2. I caught myself watching Joyful Noise one night too. I ended up actually sitting down and paying attention mainly because of the music. I really hoped Jesse Martin would sing.

  3. I lived for All My Children when I was in high school. My old roommate made her class schedule around her soaps, lol.

    The flu is going around. HH is the third guy I’ve heard of catching the flu. Did he get a flu shot?

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