Sunday 7: Why Do You Blog?

It’s time for the Sunday 7, brought to us by Patrick! This week’s theme is reasons for blogging. I don’t know if I have 7 reasons, but I sure will try.

  1. FUN: It’s fun! I like sharing the stories of what happens to me with family, friends, and life in general.
  2. SOCIALIZING WITH eFRIENDS: It’s a way to stay connected to my social media friends from Twitter and Facebook. While I can tell a story on twitter, in several tweets, sometimes it’s easier to just write a blog. Complete with italics, bold, and photos.
  3. FINDING NEW BLOGS: It helps me find new blogs. Every now and then, a lurker will comment, which leads me to their blog. Voila! New reading material for me.
  4. IMPROVE WRITING/STORYTELLING SKILLS: I’m not the worst writer, but I’m not the best. Blogging gives me a chance to work on writing skills. Even if the autocorrect devil still tends to trip me up.
  5. CHEAP THERAPY: Sometimes it’s a form of therapy. I can vent, cry, laugh, shake my fist…all via sharing my thoughts. Even if commenters don’t always agree, it’s good to get feedback and see things from different perspectives.
  6. LEARNING NEW THINGS: As I mentioned above, sometimes the comments left differ from my thoughts on a subject. That may cause me to do a little more research, or just more inner reflection. Or, someone may have a solution to a problem that I never thought of. Or product suggestions. You never know until you put your questions out there.
  7. PASSING TIME: Like, right now, I’m sitting in the laundromat. Why? Because the teen puked all over his comforter and was not smart enough to clean up loose particles before trying to wash it at home. Yeah. That’s my new life now. LMAO! But seriously, when I have a story to tell, my blog is one of the first outlets I come to, especially when I’m on a FB/Twitter hiatus.

There you have it! Those are my reasons. Why do YOU blog?


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