Thanks, Mother Nature

When I checked the weather earlier this week, it showed “sunny” and “72” degrees today. Based on that, I made plans with my girl Rachelle to ride our bikes at HBP. I don’t think I blogged about the time we tried to ride during the fall, and it was like 40 degrees. #fail I seriously thought that was my first real case of frostbite fingers. Thank goodness the sun came out mid-ride, and we survived.

Anywho, last night it was super foggy. Which means today’s forecast was mild but cloudy. Still doable.

I get up this morning. Cloudy. 50. I look outside, and it’s super damp and a smidge foggy.


Needless to say, we cancelled. Especially since I just got over a cold, and I surely don’t want her to get one. Her hubby and 3 sons might hunt me down. LOL!

Right at the moment we agreed (via text) to cancel, my jaw started throbbing.

I hear you, Mother Nature. I will have two seats. I don’t have to be happy about it, though. 😀


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