Friday 5

These can be found here every Friday, should you decide to give it a go. 🙂

This week’s theme is HURRIED…which I always am. LOL!

  1. When did you last find yourself in a hurry? The more appropriate question for me is probably, when were you last NOT in a hurry? Yesterday I was in a hurry to get to the periodontist. Which is opposite of HH, who is never in a hurry. I didn’t know what traffic would be like, so I suggested we leave at 8:20. We didn’t get in the car until 8:35. Luckily, traffic was light, and we made it on time.
  2. Often, when we’re in a hurry, we make stupid mistakes. What’s an example from your life that supports this, and what do you do to prevent such things from happening again? Oh gosh…I’m sure I have PLENTY examples of this. From minor things like, waiting until the last minute to polish my nails, not giving them enough time to dry, and then smudging them all the way up to being in a hurry to be “in love” or in a “relationship,” which I ultimately would’ve deemed a bad idea had I stopped and thought about it. So, I guess the lesson is, not to make rash, last minute decisions.
  3. Why are some people so loud in places where quieter voices are usually appropriate, such as this cafe that’s closing in a couple of minutes, where these high-schoolers are being so loud it’s difficult for me to write these questions? This made me laugh out loud, because it reads like something I’d tweet or post. I’d say that some folks simply have no concept of an “inside voice.” LOL!
  4. How’s 2013 treating you so far? Aside from yesterday’s dental surgery, not too bad. I hope I can keep up my weight loss and fitness goals, and save more money. I’m off to a good start, so far.
  5. Are you more of a December person or a January person? What does this mean, anyway, and why are you whatever you are? Why, January, of course! After all, my birthday is in 16 days! The big 3-8. Since I don’t celebrate Xmas, December is more of “just another month” to me, than it is for other people. It represents attorneys hounding me for Xmas money for their clients (LOL), and slim pickings as far as employees being in the office. It represents easier commutes to work, because everyone else has taken off the week of Xmas and New Year.

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