Thankful Thursday

Today was the day of my dreaded crown lengthening surgery. I’m thankful for local anesthesia that works. I knew the way he was bumping and digging around in my mouth that it was going to hurt like the dickens when the anesthesia wore off, but I don’t think I was totally prepared for the achy pain. The numbness in my jaw is wearing off, and I’m sitting here waiting for the hydrocodone to kick in. Which, by the way, is a gift from tiny, baby in a manger, infant Jesiis.

I’m thankful this is HH’s day off, and he took me to my appointment and to Walgreens to get my pain meds. It’s such a small, random thing, but I enjoy being in the car with him and riding around. He always opens the door for me, and drives like he’s carrying precious cargo.

The icing on today’s cake is this morning’s weight in. I got on the scale and I’m down 4 lbs from 12/24! I realized I wasn’t getting enough calories, so I started eating more, I increased fruits and veggies, and stopped stressing about tracking calories. Tracking calories led to me eating more processed foods, because it was easier to track the calories. I’ve nixed that and I’m just trying to make mindful eating decisions. I’m going to stick with that for now, so if we’re MFP pals you wont see many entries from me. I’m also looking forward to getting back to regular workouts again. Obviously not going to happen tonight, though.

I’m thankful for all the “little birdies” in my life who drop little tidbits of knowledge that help me out. One random question from me to MrsSaditty resulted in me figuring out what one of my weight loss roadblocks is. The older I get, the more I pay attention to how people are placed into my life and how important my circle of friends is.


9 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I’m glad HH is there to take care of you. Nothing sucks like mouth work, so I hope you recover soon!

    Oh, and speaking of being glad about things – I’m so glad you said “jesiis”. That made my day

  2. Feel better and take it easy. Those pain meds are great!

    HH is a keeper! đŸ™‚

    Way to go on the weight loss. It’s best to figure out what works for you and it sounds like you have. Good deal.

  3. Hunty, Hydrocodone is a pure, true, scientific stroke of genius. Norco, Vicodin, call it whatever. That junk WORKS!!!!

    It’s times like these moments when it is really a gift to have a partner who looks out for you. Imagine trying to do all that w/o HH there to drive you around and get your meds. I definitely enjoy life with Mister more.

    So I need to go chat w/MrsSaditty to find out what my weight loss road block is, huh? After my surgery, I was down 7 lbs. Then I returned to work and I could tell my appetite increased. And that I was eating more crappy foods. Must get better. I’m enjoying the extra room in my clothes.

  4. I didn’t know you were having crown lengthening surgery. I had that last year and it was miserable! I know I’m late but make sure you follow all the docs instructions. Take your meds on schedule – I didn’t.

    • I figured that out yesterday. When that numbness wore off, I realized this was pain that I’d need to stay ahead of. I just took another dose of Motrin not too long ago. Definitely gotta stay on the meds. :/

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