Fabulous Friday

I’m so glad it’s Friday, I don’t know what to do.

  • I would like to thank Sirius/XM “70s on 7” for hitting me with the following three songs in a row this morning: Bobby Caldwell’s What You Won’t Do For Love,” Eddie Money’s “Two Tickets to Paradise”, and Andy Gibb’s “Everything.” Great sing-along tunes. Then they played something from KISS that I didn’t recognize and I changed the channel. LOL!
  • I think the teen brought cold germs back from NY. I have the sniffles and my throat is scratchy. Loading up on Wild Cherry Bark cough syrup this weekend. It’s nasty, but effective.
  • I need to go to the gym today, but based in the bullet point above, I don’t know if that’s happening.
  • we have a board here that has pics of all the employees hired in 2012, myself included. I always smile when I walk by and see my pic, because it was taken the morning HH came here and proposed, 3/29.
  • apparently some people are happy that some of us are on hiatus from twitter because it has un-cluttered their time line. Ummm…Twitter is for tweeting! LOL! If you feel someone tweets too much, unfollow them, instead of hanging on to be nosy. Chile, boo. LOL!
  • I forgot my lunch today. I need to make a healthy eating out choice.
  • I need to borrow Ms. Sayitlikethis’ brain to get through this Business Law test for my CPCU test. I’ll give it back to her after that. 😛
  • I have a few friends who have been through some serious changes in 2012. I hope that I was as supportive as they needed me to be during that time.
  • HH has given the ok for CH to miss school on 1/28 so he can come to ATL with me for the Battle of the Bands. Yay! We’re staying with my cousin, so we just need to get the event tickets, which my sister is doing this week. We want to make sure we’re all sitting together. I’m so proud of my nephew! It makes me beam with joy to see him out on the field playing the quints. I guess all that random drum banging when he was a child turned out to be worth it. And he passed a really hard class first semester. Winning!
  • I’m looking for a Friday blog meme (i.e., Wordless Wednesday and Three Things Thursday). What do you guys do for Fridays?

15 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday

  1. LOL @ borrow my brain! I’m curious as to the topics you cover. They load us up with all of that info in law school and then it fades to black once we’re out in the real world and don’t use it, lol. I wonder how much I do remember.

    Speaking of, I need to get cranking at my CLE courses. I’ve got about 10 in queue for me so I’m not doing them all at the last minute like last year.

    That Twitter hiatus thing? Bad topic all the way around. I got unfollowed by 2 people for commenting about the topic in GENERAL, not even about them. Lol. *Kanye shrug*

    When you get that Friday meme, let a sista know. Guess I should do the Wordless Wednesday and Three Things Thursday along with it, huh? Lol.

    And I will admit, my first inclination was to go to Twitter to send you a mention, lol. If nothing else, this forces me to comment on the ACTUAL blog!

    • Say what? Unfollowed over that? I just can’t. lol! How can that possibly be offensive? LOL!

      The good thing about my continuing education credits is, each CPCU class I pass gives me about 18 hours. We only need 24 every 2 years. Only thing I need to do over the next two years is take my flood an ethics classes. Everyone has to take those, regardless.

      I just looked at the book and the topics are: intro to US law, contract law, contract law: insurance applications, commercial law, property law, tort law, agency law, agency law: insurance applications, employment law and business entities, and the international legal environment. Phew!

  2. Twitter is for tweeting, but not obsessively so! When certain people’s tweets comprise a far majority of your entire timeline, it’s a bit much! I mean if you “need” a twitter “hiatus” perhaps one has realized they are caught up in the matrix! Unfollowing is always an option but its just twitter, nothing wrong with appreciating those who realize they need to put the crack pipe down for a moment! 😉 Hee hee

    • I follow – and interact with – so many people, it’s hard for one person to comprise my whole time line. That doesn’t even include the NFL players, track stars, etc. that I moved my other account. Filter you can make lists and filter the tweets. But why complain about it? LOL! I got on there to chat with folks. I have people whose main tweets are those twittascopes. I just unfollow and move on.

      • But isn’t that also what Twitter is about? Folks praise, rant, compliment, complain, laugh etc all the time. In my case, it was a simple observation that my timeline was less cluttered. You observed how quiet your home is when the Teen isn’t around. Same thing to me. I guess I forget how sensitive folks can be in these twitter streetz. LOL. No harm meant on my part, but cant speak for others who might have made the same observation. Hope you are enjoying your hiatus.

      • Admittedly I missed the happy on hiatus tweets. But I don’t follow anyone whose tweets I don’t like to see. So if someone was happy I wasn’t tweeting I’d assume they just didn’t have the guts to unfollow thus my suggestion to block. But I’m one of the sensitive ones though.

      • You’re no more sensitive than me. LOL! I just feel like, if all the things we can rant about, that IS something you can control. I have unfollowed folks before. If we didn’t interact much, or whatever. But when you tweet something specific like that, and there’s only like 3 folks on hiatus…LOL

  3. I hope you’re not getting sick. I just got over a bug and it was no fun at all. Now I’m on a clean streak to disinfect my house and a fruit/vegetable streak to disinfect my body.

    • I think I went past “getting sick” and I’m now officially sick. HH drowned the house in Lysol last night. LOL! Just going to rest, hydrate and medicate this weekend.

      • Aww man. I hope that mess passes soon. I was out for 3 days.

        Oh, and I post money related posts on Fridays. Maybe I’ll call mine Financial Fridays.

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