If I WAS tweeting…

I would’ve told you the following:

  • yesterday I searched for – and found – an iPhone arm band that is supposed to fit over the Defender Otter Box. YAY!!! I liked the Tune Band but it was a pain to take the Otter Box on and off, which is how I ended up with a scratched camera lens on my iPhone 4.
  • HH trying to figure out his new phone = comedy. He keeps asking me how to do stuff, like I picked up the phone manual and memorized it in 10 seconds like Johnny #5 from Short Circuit. Dude, I don’t know!! LOL!
  • I guess I’m spoiled, but it’s hard for me to reply to Blogger posts from the iPhone/iPad. Their log in is weird and without flash it sometimes doesn’t work. And don’t get me started on the captchas. I feel bad because there are Blogger blogs I want to comment on. Everybody come to WordPress!
  • I still need to change my name on some things, including my FL adjuster’s license. I know I sent them a request. They are just a mess. We need to just chop the whole state off and float it down to Cuba. (Sorry Floridians, but that state is an insurance nightmare. LOL)
  • I don’t have a 2013 calendar for my desk. We’re getting cheaper and cheaper on the office supplies in this new millennium.
  • One of my new friends I met in 2012 has decided to quit smoking. Today is day 14 of her 28 day challenge. She’s doing well! Anybody quit smoking before and have any advice?
  • 2012 threw us a curve ball at the end, but overall it was a very good year. 🙂
  • my engagement ring needs to be re-plated with rhodium but I refuse to take it off. I wear it with pride! I told HH I ain’t ready to send it in yet for cleaning and plating. He just shakes his head.
  • I’ve gotten back into playing Draw Something again. I don’t know how these people do all this elaborate artwork on there. I use a stylus and my stuff still looks crazy at times.
  • downloaded a logic puzzles app on the iPad. I haven’t done these on the regular in a minute. I used to buy variety puzzle books to do them. I learned how to do them in the gifted and talented program waaaaaaaay back in 5th and 6th grade.
  • my body is here at work, but my mind is off on an adventure. LOL

16 thoughts on “If I WAS tweeting…

  1. Haahaa I need something like that for my phone. I hate taking it out of the case. LOL. I’m with u. My body is here but I’m shutting down. I’ve been up since 4am!!

    • When it gets here I’ll post a pic and a review. I hope it works like they say it does. I hate carrying my phone around the gym but I put my workouts into myfitness pal and my mind ain’t good enough to remember it after the fact. LOL

    • It was called LOGI GRID. it has a finite number of puzzles but I’m hoping they continue to add more. I saw another one in the App Store that was $2.99, but before I pay for it I’d want to know that they will add new puzzles.

  2. I’ve been using that armband for some time now – I love it! Although I did cut off the piece of rubber that sits over the headphone jack on my otter box. That thing is annoying.

    What reader do you use? I hate that I can’t comment from my reader – I have to open in safari and then log in.

    • Excellent! I’m glad to hear it’ll actually work.

      The WordPress app has its own reader which will load all the WP blogs you follow you can comment from the reader. I just discovered this yesterday. *facepalm* LOL! I use Feedler on the iPad to follow blogs that are in my Google reader (non WP). Unfortunately you cannot comment from that reader and would still have to log in through safari.

  3. I wish I could comment from Google Reader. It makes it all so much more streamlined. I can read blogs from Blogger, WP, Typepad, wherever but can’t comment unless I click to go to the actual blog. Grrrr…ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat! Lol.

    Name changing has come to a screeching halt. I hate that I can’t just fax my info to these places and they change it. Having to call and root through a phone tree is NOT my idea of fun!

    No desk calendar? Can you print one out on legal size paper? Lol. #Frugalnomics

    • Baaaaaaaaahahahahagaha at Frugalnomics. Let me see how to get the printer to use legal sizes paper. We have a crazy azz printer/copier/scanner. Way too much going on.

  4. Girl! JD is STILL trying to get his new stickers for his car, which I believe he sent off for in August. Why the hell do you have no choice but to mail payments off in 2013? Really??

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