Social Media Hiatus – Day 1

How did I ring in 2013? By beginning a 31 day break from FB and Tw.itter. I still haven’t decided on IG yet, although I guess it’s only fair. I think my blog posts are still set to auto-post on Tw.itter, and I’m too lazy to change it. Those don’t count. LOL

It was weird to wake up this morning and not reach for the phone to see what my peeps were doing on both networks. I took the apps off the phone and the iPad.

This would be a good time to start my CPCU 530 studies. I got the book last week. Have I cracked it open? Not one page. I will start this month. The testing window closes on March 15th.

I’ve been having a health concern that started like a week or so ago. It’s probably nothing, and I’ve been trying to see if it goes away. If not, on to the doctor. After all, I am #mamamixtress’ child and we are not afraid to get to the doctor (read: borderline hypochondriacs. LOL).

Last night was the first New Year that HH and I have been in the same city. We hung out with some folks we knew from home and had a great time. Probably NOT advisable to do the Wobble in 4.5 inch platform heels, surrounded by over zealous woman who don’t know how to stay in their dance space, a la Dirty Dancing. My friend Tam and I raised the white flag about 3/4 of the way through the song. Those chicks were outta pocket! LOL

The Teen is back from NY with a android tablet. Have I mentioned he needs a netbook for school? :::sigh::: He did not get the soda making machine. Praise The Lord and pass the ammunition. At some point during the trip, his mom decided he was acting ungrateful, and she took his phone away, temporarily. But she didn’t tell us. So I sent a text and HH called, to no response. HH called her to see if something was wrong with her phone and then she told us. He also did not make the time to go see his paternal grandfather (my FIL). This is the 2nd holiday his grandfather has asked to see him while he’s home and he hasn’t made time. You were there from the 21st to the 31st. Really? His mom acts like Syracuse is huge and she can’t drive him over to the restaurant (my FIL owns and runs a restaurant in town and is there working hard most every day). The teen said she said it was too far. She’d never make it in Charlotte. And this is not a “big city” by any means. I just can’t.

In other, “upgrade your life, please” news, HH got a new phone! *insert applause here – I’m not good with the GIF pics* it’s a Nokia Windows phone. He has no clue how to work it and neither does this Apple-head. Sending a text is like extracting a tooth. I told him to keep at it and he’ll learn. His old phone was 3 seconds from needing a defibrillator. He had to talk on speaker phone. Otherwise, you couldn’t hear him. If I didn’t drag him to VZW and add him to my plan, he’d still be hollering into it. And if you’ve met him in person, you already know how loud he talks. LOL! See ya, Cricket. It’s been real.

Happy Birthday to my eSister MrsInspiredmind! She’s on a hiatus, too. We’re both in the corner rocking like Pooky from New Jack City. This would be a GOOD time for her to start a new blog! IJS.

We were supposed to have dinner tonight with our favorite Hue Jew (that’s her term for being Black and Jewish), KT, but she had to go out of town, as her 1st rabbi passed away. So we’ll have to reschedule. Guess HH needs to go grocery shopping. I’ve been telling him this for a week (it’s his turn).

I guess I should attempt to get this day started. HH is supposed to wash our cars and I need to do laundry and clean up our room.



14 thoughts on “Social Media Hiatus – Day 1

  1. All the best during your hiatus.

    My guy recently got a new phone, a Samsung something or another, and he’s constantly asking me how to do things. I’m an iPhone gal so I have to hunt for how to do stuff to show him. Dude was using a flip phone. We joked that he was keeping 1 person employed! πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like you had fun. I stayed home. I had to get up at 4 am to work. I was invited to a party but that chick got issues, I am not baby sitting in 2013. I refuse. I have started studying for my CAPM license. I got to get this done and soon.

  3. I totally thought about taking a hiatus…and then chased that notion from my head! πŸ™‚

    Will miss both you and Ms. Inspired but enjoy the time away from hustle and bustle!

  4. whats this hiatus about? I guess i don’t get it because I never had a FB and I hardly get on my twitter. I am a instagram fiend tho. I love taking a looking at pictures.

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